New Kingdom Pass Begins - Nexus

Yes, all three will be available through pet gnome events.
(btw, Moist Owlette will be released during a Nexus week on Dec 15)

If the bottom of their card says “[colour] buff pet” (and if they are not the Faction pet), then it will be available via pet gnomes.

The cosmetic pets will say “[colour] event pet”, and clicking on them will show which special event they are from.


Looks like rewards between lvl50-55 are resetting after you finished them for “Royal Kingdom Pass” owners.

I finished all 55 yesterday.

Today’s KP screen was:

After collecting 5 Crowns:

This was mentioned in the patch notes section.

Seems to have been a source of confusion for a lot of players. Either not knowing they were extra levels to grind out, not seeing the level numbers on mobile devices, not knowing they’re repeatable. All UI and lack of ingame information issues really.

I hope they can use some of the feedback and improve on the pass for next time.


I like the visual reset, though, because it helps keep track of what’s left to unlock for that day, (since there’s no total counter I’ve just been looking to see if there are two collectable steps each day whenever my daily counter says 0/5, and if there are I know I’m done looking for Heliodors)

Indeed. It does appear to be one of those things that you need external information to be able to understand.

In my case, I had completely forgot that repeating of levels 51-55 was a thing until someone on the forums was complaining about the 100Gem skip being disabled. I had to go back and reread the announcement to confirm.

However, this game is not the most egregious when it comes to this type of thing. For example, there are mechanics in Path of Exile that you need to use multiple websites to even get a passing understanding. :rofl: