New Kingdom Pass Begins - Hellcrag

10 here, all from PvP. Not too hard to find, but already not looking forward to 6 more weeks of this :frowning:


I got all 10 on explore 12 within an hour. But like @Maisie i dont like the thought of doing this daily for weeks. There is enough to do already but at least this week we dont have the world event medals potentially wrecking our wars defences for a short time. Some guilds purposely exploit this to attack when the “opponent” has W.E. medals active.

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I grind the Kingdom Pass battlecrasher on Explore 1 using a Rowanne team. It probably took me 20-30 minutes to come up with all 10 for the day.


I saw 11 today within less than an hour of explore 12 (let one escape to test if could still catch all 10) :blush: :vulcan_salute:

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The appearance rate for these kingdom battle crashers should be increased, probably doubled. Players shouldn’t need to grind nearly this many battles just to collect the pass rewards. How many PvP and Explore battles per day should a player expect to have to play on average to complete the kingdom pass? The answer is more than it should be.


I wish you would have spent some time coming up with something better/less tedious.

It’s just day two and I’m already bored to death.


I always wondered why the paid pass doesn’t cut the farming effort in half, by either automatically awarding 5 crowns each day or by having each battlecrasher drop 2 crowns, still capped at 10 crowns each day.


That would have been a great idea. Too bad instead we get the ‘just pay more to unlock them instantly’ type of nonsense.

As it stands we have 35 days to get ~270 of these things, so like 7.75 per day? It doesn’t leave a lot of leeway to take a day off here and there, or else you’ll miss out on the good rewards that come at the very end… unless of course you pay the additional fee or gems.

Edit: Today playing PvP only I got 10 of them in less than half the number of battles it took to get 9 yesterday in mostly Explore. So today wasn’t nearly as bad.

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Not to take away from your main points, just wanted to clarify it’s 245 crowns, so it works out to 7 per day on average.


Rats in a lab is the aim with credit cards. rofl not a chance

I was going by the amount with the paid pass that unlocks the additional 5 levels up to 55. That’s where the extra 25 came from.

Ah, gotcha - in that sense, you’re not limited to 270 then. :innocent: Might as well aim for 10 per day and get the most out of it.


Oh, that’s right you can repeat those extra 5 levels can’t you? Well, the main issue for me is having the time to get there just once since it needs to be done each day or you miss them. I think last time I just barely got past 50, maybe level 51 or 52. If I got past 55 I would consider myself lucky, and probably a little burned out.

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I’m here with your first weeks breakdown of the Kingdom Pass Battlecrashers

Kingdom Battlecrashers Data Overview
Average Amount of battles to get 1st 5 :crown: - 15 to 20 battles
Average Amount of battles to get 2nd lot of 5 :crown: - 23 to 43 battles


Want to know more? View the full data here

Want to contribute? Find us in #data-demons at my community discord server Hawx's Flight School


It took me 59 battles to get 10 yesterday, first time I checked the counter by collecting seals before I started. It felt very slow at the beginning and then picked up.

Edit: Today only took 38 total, all low level explore battles. 16 for the first 5 and 22 for the next 5.

Just because I just did them and was paying attention…

15 battles for the first 5 battlecrashers. (Plus one Treasure Gnome)
The next three showed up at 19, 21, and 23.
The 9th showed up at 36.
The 10th showed up at 50.

Only took me about 15 minutes, give or take.

Did them all through Explore 1; today’s kingdom of choice was Whitehelm. (I tend to pick one of my Level 15 kingdoms that doesn’t have the 20% mythostone bonus.)

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73 battles for me to get 10 today. I had 5 after 15 battles and 9 before 30, then it took forever to get the 10th. That’s a bit too many for my taste.


Her is the community gathered data on the amount of battles required to reach the first 5 Kingdom Crowns and the 2nd lot of 5 Kingdom Crowns.

I must say a HUGE thank you to the team of data demons who kindly submit their info each day: @ALP @Dorgath, Shirley & Guildmate, @Ashasekayi, Heff and Kei


I omitted the data from trying to find crown 10 during the vault weekend as it was skewing the results, but generally most gave up after 150 battles.

If you want to inspect the data or get involved, please find the relevant links in my post 4 replies above.


I hate the grind, but like that this battlecrasher is a little bit threatening at E12. Makes it feel like a reward for a slightly harder battle.

Grimcrag pet is live