New Kingdom: EKLIPTIKA (Dragon's World)


Hello guys,

Me and my friend are from Brazil, so sorry for the english. We think in a world of dragons, above Khaziel. The descriptions are below. They are only suggestions for a new kingdom. We can make the designs also if the people like our idea. Suggestions are very welcome :smile:

EKLIPTIKA: Dragon’s World

Mana Bonus: Brown/Purple

Storyline: Katakena lost his mother very early and was abandoned by his father when he was just a child. His father’s reasons were never clear. Katakena only remembers that his father knew a lot about dragons. There were mythical beings who lived high in the northern mountains. katakena grows angry and thinks her father abandoned her to find dragons. Katakena trains the art of killing dragons and decides to kill all of them for revenge. However, Katakena never knew why his father abandoned her really. She decides to find out by going to the north of Khaziel, from which came the legends of the most dangerous dragons and famous dragon slayer. When Katakena arrives in Khaziel, she discover that the famous dragon slayer was her father, but now he is dead. He tried to kill the most dangerous dragon (Blood dragon). She will discover pieces of history fighting with dwarves in Khaziel. When she decides to leave to destroy the dragon which killed her father comes a traveler in front of her (the player):

Katakena: What do you do walking through these desert lands?
Player: Looking for a good fight…
-> Continue from here


Troops /
Description about the image of the troop(Card)/
Spell Name

Fire Dragon:

Fat Red dragon
Buuuurn !!!
Deal 1 to all enemies and create 0 + your defense in mana purple.
Burning all

Ice Dragon:

Skinny blue dragon
Deal 1 damage to all enemies and create
0+ your attack in mana purple
Freezing all

Dogongo Dragon:

Brown dragon with Tail-shaped hammer.
I will crash you!!
Ultra Rare
Destroy 0 + magic gems of a chosen color. Gain [+3 defense].
Breaking stones

Elvish Dragon:

Long ears and beard. He fled from the forest to join with North dragons.
My ears are long as my claws.
Deal [3+Magic] damage to the first enemy.
Forest assault

Meteorite dragon:

Muscular dragon formed by meteorites. Face crushed and falling.
I’ll give you a sky full of meteors!!
Ultra Rare
Deal [2+Magic] damage to the first and last enemies, and remove purple Gems to Boost damage. (Boost Ratio 1:1). If an enemy dies, create 0+ magic brown gems.
Galactic falling


Japanese girl with a giant elbow.
My bow, Dragon’s nightmare.
Deal 3 damage to all enemies. Deal + 3 damage if they are dragons. Silence a random enemy.
Draconian arrows

Dragon Hunter:
Man with an armor black and long spear.
On the tip of my spear.
Deal 1+ magic damage to an enemy. Gain +2 attack and + 5 life
Strong Spear

Blood Dragon:

Ancient Giant Dragon with great fangs.
Your blood is mine!!!
Silence an enemy and steal 1+ magic life. If an enemy is silenced, Blood Dragon steal the double of life.
Absorb the enemy


I really like it your idea about a “dragon” kingdom, also you guys made up a pretty good story for the development of the kingdom, alltought, i feel like you could have put much more effort on the troops spells. +1


Hello @Serale. Add +1 in all spells? It Is true…we have to think better. That’s just the basic idea. :grimacing:


Great idea and interesting descriptions!..I like it a lot!!


“+1” means “plus one like to your post.” :smiley: