New Heroic Gem

There is a new Heroic Gem in game:

Bomb Gem


I read Luther quote that Bomb Gem will only destroy the gems right around it. I case of ss above 3 gems. But then the news tell me its “large area”.

When destroyed Bomb Gems will explode, destroying the Gems in a large area around themselves.

I wonder where the truth lies in between?

It’s the exact same just in my screenshot the bomb gem just happens to be on the side of the board. No difference, gem will still explode all around it, just there’s nothing visible off the board

Known issue (from news posting)

Please Note: There is a known issue where spells that remove Gems will cause the Bomb Gem to trigger its explosion effect. Destruction effects SHOULD trigger the Bomb Gems, but removal effects should NOT. This will be fixed in the next update.