New Hero Class: Tidecaller

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New Hero Class: Tidecaller

A new Hero Class has been released, the Tidecaller. Complete Azura’s Tidecaller Training quest in Merlantis to unlock this Hero Class.

Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP for the Tidecaller.

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Typos in the English questline: (1) Azura asks Johnny Bronze to climb “abourd” his vessel, and (2) the hero calls him Li’l “Johny”.

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Does anyone see much strength in this class? Deffo not high on my boost list after I get the weapon.

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The affixes on the weapon are careless and not thought out/logical.

Two I have issue with are cleanse self, which is an early talent on the class and the final affix - give 2, yes 2 life to all allies. The class already does them both.

Of course I suppose if not using weapon with the class, if using another class the cleanse self is ok, but I feel that a little more thought would have not gone amiss. 2 life to all as a final affix is frankly pap.

It’s not quite the same, the class gives all Merfolk allies two life at the start of the battle, the weapon unconditionally gives two life to all allies every time the spell is cast. The self-cleanse on the weapon is also tied to the spell, so you can get rid of negative status effects even when stunned.

I’m not seeing any “let me mess up the board for you” subgrades, so at least it doesn’t turn into yet another slot machine when spending ingots.

True, there is that with using the weapon affix to clear stun, but maybe a better affix would be to give a cleanse and maybe another affix ‘thick head’, i.e. something it can’t already do, you know a bit of creativity?

The 2 life is just a little underwhelming for a final affix, I could go with 4 life or even 6 life wouldn’t be overwhelming mebbe.

As for the create gem scenario, yep totally agree.

Currently not possible with weapons. Upgrades can either add passive stats to the hero (upgrade 1 to 5) or do something simple when casting the spell (upgrade 6 to 10).

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Just a bit more creativity then :slight_smile:

It’s rather capability than creativity. Going by other open issues, if they really decided to extend the weapon framework this way it would take at least two years to implement.

Why is Hyndla team in there twice? Liang spent too many resources on the new mythic and is hiding his face in shame?


Is the new weapon strong at all? Anyone tested it yet with other blue troops?

Thingamabob is already a better weapon than Three Sisters.

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That’s not ideal…

The point I was making however was that the affixes are underwhelming and familiar to what the class already has really. They could be a tad better without being overwhelming. :slight_smile:

A class with life/purification and 50% mana start. Your only other choice is priest currently without 50% mana start. So, minimal. Has “lightning strike” as a 3rd trait, for what its worth.

The only real problem I have with classes besides many being underwhelming is the fact that sunspear overrides it’s own storm options on it’s own tree with its traits. That one was well thought out.