New Hero Class: Sentinel

I just would like the game to start catching up a little better since the change in kingdom power levels
It’s drifting sands week and the class is needed for another level, but we get a class for urskaya, which we’re not even at the point where it matters
Overall it doesn’t make a difference to gameplay, but it’s just beyond a strange approach after the update
Even if we got 1 kingdom star a week, it’d take like 8 years, and we don’t average that at all


If you mean “Getting 1 star/week will take 8 years to reach the end of the scale for every kingdom”, then this is right but it is not right to imply “…and the devs want us to reach that end.” The maximum stars used to be 10, they expanded that to the current system because they explicitly said they wanted room to get by without revamping it for several years. So this aspect is working as intended, like it or not.

Just because it’s intended doesnt mean it’s sensible, mostly the order in which they choose to release troops/class
On your comment about 10 stars, it’s been what, about a year since they changed it? And I think 4 kingdoms(estimating) have reached that point/beyond
I swear slyp, this is why I stopped reading everything u write longer than a paragraph Lol
U just play devils advocate to every conversation while often framing the post in a way that was not the intended point
I’d much rather hear a dev response or none at all
Anyway, unlike u, that’s all I will say on the matter, so don’t expect a back n forth

I stopped
everything u rite
meeble murble mor.

A fairly good class because… brown.
Some talent are so above others, i hope at some point the trees get revisited.

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This is definitely one of those “be careful what you wish for” moments.

In terms of overworld kingdom progress, the game has been in a transitory phase for a while now. This is demonstrated by the the mixture of “modern” (post 9-star) kingdom star leveling with intentionally catching up the newer kingdoms to 9* using the old methods (mostly).

There is a lot of stalling with kingdom star power creep right now, because of the intentional roadblocks the devs have put in place to allow them to add content, but avoid adding kingdom stars at the same time. The current shining example of this is Darkstone, which is trapped at 8-stars because there’s no hero class available for the kingdom yet. That said, the Darkstone class is tentatively scheduled to be the March hero class, at which time the roadblocks will be cleared for all the way to 14-stars immediately (technically, there will be enough troops there for 15-stars, but the kingdom will fail to meet the roadblock requirement of needing multiple kingdom pets for a good while still).

Once there are no more places to stall for time, power creep will blast off and never look back ever again or slow down ever again. Players will be facing the reality that every kingdom will need a base mythic troop to be pulled and a “mythic” leveled kingdom pet. Those are going to be fun times, indeed.

In the meantime, the acceleration towards this inevitable future continues. Besides Darkstone, mentioned above, I foresee two other kingdoms leaping to 14-stars, and one to 15-stars in March alone.

The game should be out of this transitory phase by late summer or by the next anniversary at the latest.


Thanks Lyrian
I welcome the sped up progress, I’ve had all troops for a long time, every week is just going thru the motions lately
Ps5 is expected fairly soon, I don’t know if next gen consoles have any bearing on their timeline, but I would hope it’s either finished or transferable

In a sense you should be happy since you already progressed this much. On the other hand other players are catching up with each new class and troops, it still requires a lot of time and resources to reach you and others.

I could be wrong but maybe what @Lyrian meant is that without a “class barrier” you are compelled to spend a fairly big amount of resources (gems) trying to Mythic some troops (from events) in order to reach the next stars. You might spend those gems even with a “class barrier” in place, but if you plan it right, minding the spoilers and schedules, you can spare some gems here and there sometimes.

I dunno, I’m just used to completing games and moving on I guess Lol
I don’t know if there are many games that run a system like this, a 10 year(?) plan, week by week
Seems most games add new content, unrelated to old content
On a side note, that may be why there are always so many fixes needed, they don’t see the whole picture ahead of time
I have no real complaints, just too old for this style of releases I guess, as are the tons I’ve seen quit when they get bored

Under the original kingdom star system, there was only one primary metric for advancement, the number of troops in a kingdom (which was the determining factor, in combination of traits and levels on those troops to calculate the kingdom power “score” that determined kingdom power level).

Under the “modern” kingdom power system, in addition to troops and traits on them, there are now specific roadblock hurdles that have to be overcome to achieve new stars post 9-stars. The devs can use the roadblocks to limit the growth of kingdoms by simply not allowing the roadblock to be cleared, despite there being sufficient troops in a kingdom.

The original roadblock that threw the forums into a rage when the new system launched was the maxing out of two kingdom weapons for 8-stars, pre-delves. Fun times.

Under the new system, the roadblocks post 9-stars get increasing harder (more expensive) to clear. These include owning base mythic troops, raising pets to 20, maxing even more weapons (weapon acquisition is now the issue and not ingots), and reaching specific champion levels in each kingdom’s hero(ine) class. Further, post 10-star, there will always be the possibility (assuming a roadblock can be cleared) for new kingdom stars to be earned every single week because the troop portion of the kingdom star requirements become the least difficult portion each star to earn. The speed at which these stars are earned, will cause players to run into these expensive roadblocks quickly and frequently in the future.

Whether players will choose to actively spend then encountering those roadblocks in the future will be quite interesting to see unfold and how they react to them. At a minimum, it will be a strong learning experience for both the devs and players.

The answer to your question is that GoW, as well as many newer games, are adopting a Games-as-a-Service model. To that extent, these types of games never really have an end, until the developers decide to no longer support the game someday (an inevitability at some point). Until then, there is no real permanent completion of these types of games. A player can reach the endgame, but new content is generally always being added to keep the goalposts moving. There’s always something new coming down the road to keep the game moving along. In the past, these would be expansion pack purchases at a retail store. In terms of GoW, these updates come routinely on a quarterly basis, which contain the majority of content that will be released during that quarter. Hence, there will always be a steady stream of new troop and events to play in GoW, as long as the devs keep the game going.

Many games that adopt this model, but very few last as long as GoW has. GoW is creeping up on four and half years in service, which is a monumental achievement as the game is still growing. Doubly so, as constant new investment in the game is still happening, as evidenced with the new UI and new game modes.

As with any service that keeps issuing new content, there will always be bugs released that will require future patching. It’s the nature of the business.


I’m working on something to give the devs on doing exactly that. It’ll be big, you won’t miss it.

I hope the devs also don’t miss it.


Do you want to share thoughts on Discord or similar? I’ve had some ideas, although probably not at big/mapped out as what you have in mind.

It’ll be open for discussion once I post it. I wanted to get it done shortly after the new class came out, so ideally that means soon and not Soon™.