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New guild with 400s looking for new recruits in mobile

Are you a zombie? Do you like biting faces? Join face biters! We’re lvl 400s that were stuck on a team of inactive players. Currently being a new guild we don’t care about lvl but do want you to be active. Lvls will come fast if your active and we can help with advise. Look forward to hearing from you!

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If you don’t have too many members, it’s probably easier to join an active guild. We have some spaces in #58 TUF: Power Gems. While not Zombies, our origin story is about Liches using power gems to control a wraith army to fight goblin hordes. So we’re fellow undead. :slight_smile:

We’re part of The Unholy Family so across our 4 active guilds (and our vacation guild) we surely have some spots.

Still looking for some more.