New guild Recruitment Star light

hi all, i am looking for player to join my guild.
guild lv 11
rank 1671
Gold 3 with daily bonus of 40% gold
guild bonuses have 5 on air mastery and 10 on earth mastery
1 guild tasks every day

as for me i m a lv 203 will 131 troops

All new player are welcome .


I’d like to join - invite code - ALIEN 9

update on the guild information

Members - 2/22

Guild lv - 13

Ranking - 1659

Daily bonus - 45%

Guild bonus
green mastery - 3
yellow mastery - 5
brown mastery - 10

22 point left

all new player are welcome to grow together :grin:

Why don’t you both come over and join blockbusters?

thx you BlazerB for your invite :smile:

but i will still stay in my small guild :innocent:
because i know 1 day it will be at the top :grin:

thx you :smile:

That’s cool.