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New Guild, Rampage Warrior (PS4)

Hello everyone the new Rampage Warrior Recruit (international) guild.
This is a guild that was created to climb the rankings as quickly as possible, so we willingly accept those who accept this challenge, the important thing will be to meet the minimum requirements. =)

So here are the simple requirements that we ask for each week.

-Lv. 900+
-350 trophies
-800k in gold
-Maxed seals
-Guild wars
-Sentinels maxed for GW, daily participation.
-All guild tasks completed on Monday and many legendary tasks
every week.
-24 defense troops
-Raids and invasions, each player at minimum of tier 3 (Unloock Weapon) and use all
sigils so we can complete the events each week.


We use a psn community and group msg ps4, so we definitely like to help each other out and figure out the best techniques to all of the game modes.

Sentinels are 60 days or longer.
Commanders are 28 days.
Legionnaires are the new recruits or missed requirements.
Is here to be a team

New players are expected to pass the first week of joining or risk removal.

1 warning for skipping and then removal if repeated.

If you are interested, leave your invitation code below !!
Thank you and hope to see you soon.:grin::grin: