New guild neede

Im looking for a new guild that is consistent with tasks and more i am level 1054 and i can contribute 1 million gold 2k guild seals and about 1k trophies or more

What platform are you one?
If it’s PC/Mobile, you might check out Dominant family, discord below:

Come join us on Discord at Dominant family!

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Oh yea mobile

If you’re looking for a relaxed Guild for End Gamers where you don’t have to do endless grinding for targets, come and take a seat in the Sushi Bar… :slight_smile:

Join Almost Epic, one of the oldest guild around
req is similar to your activity
1.4mill gold, 1k trophies, 2k seals and activity during guild events (and daily war)
DM me in discord, my Discord is Potemkin#6463

Come check us out on discord! We have several guilds with requirements around your activity level. I’m sure we can find a good place for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you still need a guild, please check SONS of ANARCHY #1 , SONS of CHAOS #49 and SONS of GUNS almost in top 100, all 3 are recruiting - Guild Chat / Guild Recruitment (PC/Mobile) - Gems of War | Forums. We can help you tremendously for account development.