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New Guild need members

Greeting Gems of War, I have started my own guild on Xbox One, Divine’s Gems. I am fairly new at the game but making progress, slow and steady if someone with experience and knowledge could join my Guild I would love it. I don’t ask much, just that we work together to build a strong Guild. My one major rule is if you don’t play for 7 days straight, I will remove you from my Guild, unless you have informed me before hand that you will be absent.
Otherwise, let’s kick some buns!!!

Maybe you would want to join our guild? Starting a new guild is tough and it is easier to join an already established one. We have space so you can join. We have 7900 trophies so you get double the daily and we are in the top 220. My Gamertag is ImFlabalicious if your interested. If you don’t want to join then good luck starting your own guild :slight_smile: