New guild Mine of Gems is looking for active players

Hi ! I and my friends came up with good option for everyone, who was looking for active guild, but they were full or conditions were too high (like +200 lvl). As you know most of guilds with lower conditions have lot’s of inactive players, so we have a solution. We are going to build own one. There are no conditions. You just have to pay a gold (actually it’s 2000 per day) and you have to be active. The exception is only when you say that you will be inactive for few days. If you are interested write yours name code.

Hey i’d like to join, was in earlier but left. Will contribute the 2k/day. Invite code: marry me

I’d like to join - invite code ALIEN 9

marry me- you are in another guild
ALIEN 9- does not exist

Edit: ALIEN_9 exist, but you are in another guild