New Guild looking for recruits PS4

New guild start up any and all welcome, daily players, looking for more active players!! All players new and experienced welcome! Join LGBT Rule, leave invite code here or Message Spacemonkey015 on psn with invite code!

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why a guild gotta be gay? honestly don’t know or care if any of my members are…

I do not see why a guild needs to announce that it is LGBT. We all play gems and that is why we are here so the only thing that binds us is this game (might be more for others) so to find a new avenue to come together seems strange to me. As long as there is no politics involved in the recruitment (seems clickbaity) it should be ok for now. Please note I do not care if you are male or female cause if i get horny toward you and find out you are not what you appear to be i will still follow my horn and plunge deep into you. (innuendo)

Hey folks, just a note… all players are welcome here in Gems of War.

If any Guild wants to advertise for like-minded individuals, regardless of religion, politics, gender, sexual preference, fandom, or their love for bacon, then I think we should respect their right to do so, PROVIDED that they’re not pushing those views onto others or harrassing them, and PROVIDED their guild/hero names are not intentionally offensive.

…except for the bacon thing… I totally think we should be able to evangelize our love of bacon…


I want to know more about this guild you speek of.[quote=“Sirrian, post:4, topic:6489”]
…except for the bacon thing… I totally think we should be able to evangelize our love of bacon…
I guess i should change my guild to the bacon lovers guild.

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Did not expect this kinda of reaction. Just looking for like minded folks who wanna play a game. Some people go bat s*** crazy, if any kind of homo thing comes up. So just putting it out there at the beginning so no one has to deal with hate type sh**. That is all, I honestly don’t care who comes as long as they play and have fun

That right there is the kind of enthusiasm i like in this community.

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