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New guild high level player

Level 1325
Looking for a new guild
Around 500k a week
1500 seals
200 trophies


If you are still looking for a guild we will have spots in 2 guilds in TUF. Spots open Monday . We are a family of 6 guilds.
TUF: Unrepentant
1.6mil, 1300seals, 50k guild wars score (bracket 1) and competes in events

TUF: Power Gems
800k, 1300, 50k guild wars score(bracket 2), plus events

Hi grt7!
Madrina’s Marauders has 1 opening.
We’re looking for a dependable, daily player
who can at least meet our minimum reqs.
This is a solid, friendly, supportive group.
250,000 gold
1,500 seals
150 trophies
All guild events
Discord is optional
We have a few newer players who are still
leveling up, but most of us are above level 1,000.
Let me know if you’re interested,