New Guild Guardians are Great

I’m leveling up Sunspear class, and while my Skull Spam [6604,6565,6566,1248,3002,3,1,1,3,2,3,0,14004]

is by far my fastest team (3-4 minutes for a full explore clear of 4 explores, mini boss, plus mythic), I’ve been really enjoying this one:

This one takes about 5-6 minutes for a full clear, so it’s a bit slower, but I think it’s far more consistent. You can get extremely unlikely with skull spam and end up losing. It’s very unlikely you’ll lose with Hope’s Crescent. Essentially, I start off doing 43 damage3 = 129, which isn’t enough to kill the enemies that have between 150 and 160 health. However, one 4+ match gives you 12 more magic, which puts you to 553 = 165 (36 more damage), which is enough to kill nearly every enemy in one hit. The Cunning Guardians do a ton of damage as well – vs purple they’ll deal double damage, and they hit two enemies with each cast. You simply match all the 4s you can find and snipe people as you go through the match. It’s also pretty hilarious to see all your troops gain +12 to ALL stats with every 4+ match.


Nice! Hope you don’t mind I cross linked this into my “stupid teams” thread bc i think it’s hilarious :+1:

Also I agree the new guardians are super great. Guardian and the new weapon suddenly makes a pretty good team of Bears, for example


My only complaint is that the new guardians should come from their obvious kingdoms (ex. the Urska from Urskaya, etc.) as having them assigned to Guardians means that they cannot be used for Raid Boss and class events.

That’s probably a good thing for the devs as it could potentially make those events much, much easier. This week’s Urska Invasion was made trivial with the new guardian.

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Yeah it was – my team was the raid boss killer followed by 3x guardians.

As a troop I like them and wouldn’t mind seeing more like these.
Having them claim 50% of my guild seals though… naughty words come to mind.


Yes the new additions are powerful indeed. Sadly pvp is now inundated with triple guardian teams and a hero. I will never understand setting pvp defs that you cannot (or should not) use in wars. The players wreck pvp in this manner making the whole experience unsatisfying. Those who still use the never ending L&D weaver defence deck obviously don’t play much pvp themselves. No wonder there’s no pets left to rescue. Round of applause :clap::clap:

New Towers of Doom is fantastic with these guardians. Here’s my team: 3x Treachery and then Hero with Hope’s Crescent as Assassin.

Am using those aswell but only x2 guardians, hero fmage with anu scepter (was using blue doom until few matches ago but for some strange rng reasons now it started to create the blue gem on the 4 skull match almost all the times i casted it, not that was really dangerous seen the stats the first guardian get and the 50% skull reduction but still annoying) and shabby hespera.

Once you fill shabby basically she selfloop 95% of the times.

Am using fmage for lord of storm so shabby get +1 magic each cast so her buff get less and less lame over time and anyway for Anu scepter hero stats dont matter (usually i go nuts with pumping stats, in fact winning 90% of matches without casting anything but shabby and enemy die by random skull hits, waste of time ok but i love a lot get to insane stats and anyway dont have many sigils seen got only up to weapon).


Pro-tip: it’s really easy to search for the guardians in the troop menu by searching for the words “gift of” – they are the only troops with “Gift of” in their text, since all of their +4 to all stats traits start with it.

I’ve used a bunch of these troops now for a few weeks and there are definitely some that are better than others. Each one has exactly the same traits, but each one’s ability is slightly different.

Cunning, Purple: damage is boosted 4:1 by enemy’s life. If the enemy has 40 life, it will do 10 extra damage. Note that if you look at the calculated Boost damage, close it, then open it again, it will change back and forth between two targets. For instance, I have 4 enemies with 8, 10, 11, and 15 health. That’s +2, +3, +3, and +4 damage. When I look at the calculated damage, it swaps between 2 and 3. I think it’s looking at the weakest enemies.

The boosted damage is pretty good. In difficulty 12 Explores, enemies have around 150 health. That’s 38 bonus damage. Against purple enemies, that’s 76 damage (the bonus damage gets doubled too).

Defiance, Brown: damage is boosted by enraged allies, and thus is capped at +20 damage. Enrage is only removed by attacking with skulls, not casting abilities, so you will still benefit if the troop casting is enraged. However, Cunning only requires the enemy to have 80 health to get the same boosted damage, and scales up from there, so is more viable in Delves and Explores.

Ferocity, Red: damage is boosted by life, attack, and armor, at an 8:1 ratio. To get 20 boosted damage, you would need a combined 160 life/attack/armor. My Tauros PvP team uses 2x Ferocity, so I miss the 4x bonus, but even still, I have a boost of 27 damage (84 life, 59 attack, 67 armor). This guardian by far has the most potential though. Every 4 match gives it 12 life/attack/armor, which is 1.5 extra damage. That means two 4 matches gives it 3 extra damage – or one 4 match if you’re running 2 of them. All other guardians have damage caps.

Finesse, Yellow: No damage boost. Instead, if there’s a Storm, it gives 6 mana to all other allies. Potentially very powerful if you run two of them. The first one gives the second one 6 mana, and the second one then needs just 5 mana to cast its own, which would give the first one 6 mana as well. The only issue is the color blocking. I’m not sure it’s worth it to run two of them, but it potentially could be, especially with Phoenica, since every 4 match would give her 8 Magic which would do 16 damage during a Firestorm. Unfortunately, the easiest way to keep a Firestorm going is to play Sunspear, which is Raksha. Stormcaller, which would make you a Stryx and allow you to benefit from the stats and mana, summons a Lightstorm instead. So if you don’t use Phoenica and want to use Stormcaller, you might be able to use Taloca, since a 4+ match would give him 8 Magic, and his ability does Magic+10 Scatter damage, triple in a Storm. Split evenly among 4 targets, that translates to 3 extra damage per enemy per 4+ match, and that’s on top of his Lightning Bolt trait, so you’d be wanting 4+ matches anyway. Potentially very powerful.

Persistence, Green: No boosted damage. Instead, there’s a 25% chance to devour a random enemy. I haven’t actually used this troop, but I am 100% certain that the random enemy can be either of the first two targets he hits, which really kind of sucks, because devouring someone you just did damage to (especially double damage to) isn’t that ideal. Also he might try to devour someone who is immune. Kind of gimmicky, not sure it’s worth it in any serious team, although maybe in a delve if you don’t have other better devour sources.

Treachery, Blue: Exactly the same as Defiance in boosted damage – it does 5 extra damage per poisoned enemy. One caveat: all of your troops can be enraged, but not all enemies can be poisoned, so it’s possible the “bonus” damage could be anywhere from 20 to as low as 0 if all enemies are immune (undead or dwarf teams).