New guild, Dark Vengeance, is recruiting

New Competitive guild, Dark Vengeance, looking for active daily players! REQS:1500 S, 150 T, GWAR, Gold Depends on Level.

New players are very welcome! We offer lots of support to new players, including active chat and optional Discord. We have an online team spreadsheet packed with lots of tips built by both expert and new players. Our leadership team of 1k level+ players is available and happy to answer questions throughout the day every day.

Get in on the ground floor and Help Build this team to greatness!

I’m new and VERY active. I took part in all wars in previous Guild. I max out seals on Wednesday and I’m busy maxing out kingdoms. I regularly make tier 1 in pvp.

I’m also active on discord.

Invite code is :slight_smile:

Hi Rita! This is the first chance I’ve been able to get online this morning, so I hope you’re still interested! We are climbing ranks very quickly and would love to have you! I sent you an invite; if you choose to join us I’ll hook you up with our Discord.

Sent you a DM thru this forum and a friend request on Discord, Rita. That will be coming from Hela#8093