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New Game Mode: Ultimate Death Match

I’ve been talking to some friends about this idea and as most liked it, I decided to share it here.
Maybe we could have a similar event in the future?

The Ultimate Death Match event would always be available, as well as the Arena, also with a cost in gold charged for participation.

Battle Organization

In that event 32 players would be placed on a table divided into 16 fights (the 32 participants would be randomly divided among 16 fights), where they would battle in a qualifying system.
The 8 winners would be placed in new 4 fights (relative to their position in the previous grid), of which we would have two players disputing the final battle.

It would be an event that would require the attention of the player and at the same time a fast event that could be played many times a day, since the champion of a tournament would not have to fight with all the others to reach that position, but with only 4, which advanced through the preliminary table.


Eliminated players would win participation prizes according to where they were to be eliminated in the tournament. The champion would win his prize and a “ticket” that could be saved and exchanged for items in a store inside the event itself.

Shop at Event?

The idea of ​​the ticket works as follows. A store would be placed in the event where several items could be purchased ONLY with that coin. Each item would cost X number of tickets and players would have to battle and accumulate several tickets in the tournament to acquire them (something similar to what we do accumulating resources to create troops in Soulforge).

Items in the store could include exclusive or already displayed armor and weapons in the game, plus Pets and temporary bonus cards (additional in gold, glory, and exp). The store could have its fixed items (like Xathenos and Zull’Goth on Soulforge) and a weekly spin on the other items. It would be an opportunity for younger players to acquire the weapons of events like Raid Boss and Invasion which did not have the chance to participate, for example.

Remember that the game has many effective weapons that the younger players see the veterans using without being able to enjoy them. And many requests for an opportunity to acquire them.

The rules of the Fight Club

Rule # 1: You do not talk about the Fight Club.
But here we have to talk.

Unlike other events with restrictions, in this tournament each player could use the hero and any creatures he had, however, if any creature was defeated or the order of the team changed, it would remain in the next battle, so as it happens in the Delves of the Factions.
We’re in a Death Match, right? If you have lost one troop you will not have another until you start a new tournament.

The defense teams that each participant would have against the other opponents would be the teams used for defense in PvP. Like PvP, Arena and guild events, among the rewards we would have trophies, plus glory and other rewards.

In order to balance the game and make it attractive for beginners as well, the Ultimate Death Match would have three categories of difficulty, just as it does in PvP and the player would choose which one he would like to play at his own risk. Higher difficulties would yield higher premiums.


The main interface of the event could show the table of battles of the last tournament in which the player had participated (where he could see all the members), the store of items and the classification with the players with greater numbers of victories in the event (without rewards therefore, only a mural of honor to merit for the brave warriors).


The idea is to have a fun and fast event where veterans could get new and exclusive items and beginners could purchase items that have previously been in Gems of War.

No prize from the store would be offered easily. Gems of War players are already accustomed to the Soulforge system, to battle, accumulate resources and in many cases, after a few weeks, get an item that was worth all the effort offered.

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I found the perfect idea, but what would the battle defense system look like? controlled by player or automatic?

The defenses used would be the same as PvP Mode, in the same Player vs CPU system.
Since defeat would mean a smaller prize and not win the Ticket, this would encourage players to create better defense teams in PvP so that they would not allow others to advance so easily.

Is a good idea. I guarantee that I will play this “game”, because I guarantee that many other gems will approve the same.
I would love to see this idea implemented in the game and I do not know how they did not think of it before. :grin:

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