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New Forum Category: All categories EXCEPT Guild Recruitment (Solved)

I’m happy to browse any thread here on the forums but seems more than half of them are recruitment threads which I have no interest in. I know I can filter through 1 category at a time but that’s a pita.


You can mute any category that you don’t want to see.



While it’s true that you can mute certain categories, it is also true that waaaaaay too many people post recruitment topics without selecting a category. Or saying in their topic/post what platform they’re recruiting on. :roll_eyes:

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No amount of filtering will correct for incorrect categorization. FWIW, I have recruitment categories muted and rarely see any crop up on the front page (and correct them if I see them).


Thank you so much! :smiley:

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Oh my god, now forum looks way better! Thanks for showing that option, I didn’t know it existed @Ashasekayi :smiley:

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Welcome :smiley: It was a godsend to me too. :smiley:

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