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New Faction Suggestion: Khaziel

Sorry, if i put this topic in wrong place. Did a quick search and didn’t find anything better fitting. So here it goes:

Lorekeeper’s Chambers

Deep in mines of Khaziel there’s a place where most Wise and Knowledgeable of Runepriests study the secrets of the earth.
Their studies are protected by powerful elemental guardians and those who pledged their life to protect the knowledge.

Brown ++
Yellow +
Green -

1.Chamber Guard (Rare), mana cost 8, Red/Yellow
Hammer punch(Active skill):
Deal xxx damage to target enemy and stun them.

Stone Link (Gain bonus Brown Mana, when matching Brown gems.
Deep Strength (+7 attack when attacking delves).
Fortitude (Immune to Stun, Poison, Diesease, Death Mark and Devour.

  1. Dwarven Acolyte (Ultra Rare), Dwarf, mana cost 12, Brown/Purple
    Rolling Stone (Active skill):
    Deal XXX splash damage to target enemy. If there’s a duststorm deal double damage. Consume the storm.

Deep Magic (+5 Magic when attacking delves)
Arcane (+1 magic when an ally casts a spell)
Fortitude (Immune to Stun, Poison, Diesease, Death Mark and Devour)

3.Ancient Protector (Epic), Elemental/Construct, mana cost 12, Blue/Brown
Iron Punch (Active skill):
Gain XX armor, deal damage equal to half of my armor to target/random enemy.

Deep shield (+9 armor when attacking delves).
Impervious (Immune to all Status Effects, Devour, and Mana Burn).
Stoneskin (Reduce damage from Skulls by 50%).

4.Loremaster Aulë (Legendary), Dwarf/Mystic, mana cost 16, Brown/Yellow

Protect the Secrets (Active Skill):
Summon either: 1 Ancient Protector or 2 Dwarven Acolytes or 3 Chamber Guards.
Explode all brown gems.

Deep Vitality (+9 health when attacking delves).
Impervious (Immune to all Status Effects, Devour, and Mana Burn).
Earth’s Wisdom (Summon a Duststorm at the start of every turn).

Feel free to comment. Cheers.

How do get to play this

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I couldn’t find the version of this list that has the pairings attached (I know it exists somewhere, I’m just not sure where it ended up), but Khaziel’s faction will almost certainly be called “Emperinazar”

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Internet is a great place to look for, well, things. @Magnusimus :slightly_smiling_face:


I just wanted to revisit this topic, as Emperinaza is nothing like this, but I can generaly see some common things whith Tinker Town.

rarirty suggested troop name suggested spell suggested traits implemented troop name implemented spell implemented traits
rare Chamber Guard Deal damage and stun target. “+stone link;+deep strength;+fortitude” Detect-o-bot give allies mana, create gems “+deep shield;+repair;+stealthy”
ultra rare Dwarven Acolyte “Deal splash damage. Deal double damage if there’s duststorm” “+deep magic;+arcane;+fortitude” Smash-o-bot “Explode all red gems.Deal damage to enemy boosted by my armor.” “+deep strength;+repair;+armored”
epic Ancient Protector “Gain armor.Deal damage boosted by my armor.” “+deep shield;+impervious;+stoneskin” Destruct-o-bot Deal damage to enemy with 50% change to deal tripple damage. “+deep shield;+repair;+armored”
legendary Loremaster Aulë “Summon 1-3 faction troops. Explode all brown gems” “+deep vitality;’+impervious;+summon dustorm at begining of my turn” Tink Steamwhistle “Give Life and Armor to all alies.Summon 1-3 faction troops.” “+deep vitality;+fortitude;+summon electrostrom at begining of my turn”

Now, if we look a bit closer to it and compare Loremaster + ancient protector with Tink+smash-o-bot, we can see that they are very similiar:

Take Gain armor from Ancient Protector and give him gem explode from Loremaster and you got smash-o-bot.
Take Gem explode from Loremaster and buff “gain armor” from Ancient Protector and you get Tink.

Also replace Duststorm with Electrostorm, and explode brown with explode red gems.

Other 2 realy don’t match at all. Especially that Detect-o-bot is gem creator, which faction above lacks. But still, nice to see that at least some of the troops were kind of inspiration for released faction.