New event idea to get "expired" pets

A lot of pets, specially the cosmetic ones, are tied to a specific, one-time, real life event. For example, most of Shentang’s pets are linked to the Lunar New Year. Lucky Ox came out in 2021 but the ox won’t be back in the Chinese Zodiac until 2033.
I have a suggestion for a new event specifically to make “expired” pets reappear: the Back to the Future event!
On the week of October 21st (because in Back to the Future II, when Marty travels to “the future”, he travels to Oct 21, 2015), the chance to get the Pet Gnome is increased and every pet that he chases that week are pets from past events, like Lucky Ox, Treasured Tiger, Bardzoi, Fifteen and many others.
Thank you for your consideration.


One week a year feels way too little for an ever increasing amount of irregular pets…
Just bring back the additional pet saturdays for expired pets and schedule them for whenever there’s no gnome weekend. Or at least add the cosmetic ones to the kingdom deals.


Would prefer more vault weekends over anything, even if I don’t get a chance to partake. They have to figure out a different way to get these cosmetic pets, if they even care. According to the devs, we’re not supposed to need them for Power Levels.

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To be fair, the devs did make that particular statement a very, very long time ago. A lot has changed in the game and insofar as kingdom progression, enough so that I think it’s a tad unreasonable to try and hold the devs to that particular statement.

That being said, there should be a way to get cosmetic pests if that’s the block to kingdom progression. There have been many different (and quite reasonable) suggestions towards that concept over the years; I’m less invested in which suggestion would be implemented – even those I’ve personally offered or advocated for – so long as one of them is.

I shouldn’t have to wait for the rare “cosmetic pest Saturday” to show up and hope that it’s for a pest that I haven’t maxxed out on its’ release date (most of them) and for a kingdom where I could use another mythic pest for stars. And players – myself included – shouldn’t have to hoard their Gems ahead of time to be certain they can afford to take advantage of a “limited time, buy now or forever hold your peace” offer.

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it really took me a while of planning ahead for all the cosmetic pet event release dates, waiting and hoping for the right pet to return and to hunt all cosmetic pets down to current max level. since a few years now I buy/max them all directly because the rarity of returns was clear because of the number of incoming new releases.

but in all fairness many of the cosmetic pets have returned since original release event, some more than once, some as soon as within around a year. of course they don’t return just next month or are available all the time. with every fix cosmetic pet release event (currently 11 a year) there’s normally one “rerun” in the Wednesday/Saturday combo. It is not like they won’t be back “ever”, only the chance obviously gets more rare with every new cosmetic pet release added to the overall pool. and there’s also the cosmetic pets released through campaigns. the problem is the overall amount and the bad distribution of the number of (cosmetic) pets between their respective kingdoms.

return of cosmetic pet Saturdays as we already know them.
soulforge adoption recipes for cosmetic pets.
daily deal offers for cosmetic pets.
adventure board tasks for cosmetic pets.
ability to choose on Wednesday if you want to rescue the scheduled normal pet or a random cosmetic pet.
introduction of a cosmetic pet gnome (a more rare version of the “normal” pet gnome) that can’t be triggered through gnome-a-palooza spam to not completely inflate cosmetic pets.


The current status quo is that anything which hinders progress is preferable and targetted by the devs. Recent withdrawal of ‘good stuff’ in ABs, nerfs galore on other desirables/essentials and so on. It’s reasonable to assume that cosmetic pets are part of this hindrance and as such will appear once in a blue moon and you will need a shed load of gems to max it.

I’d be happy if they just restarted cosmetic pet Saturdays. I personally have three pets that I have zero copies, which means they have not appeared even once in the last two and a quarter years, which is pretty crazy


They should just add all pets to the pet table. Event pets are never going to get maxed otherwise.


I maxed all (event) pets, so the statement you posted like that just isn’t true. It takes much time due to unknown re-run dates, planning ahead with gems and obviously effort, but it is doable.

For newer players your statement makes sense, but then again this game was never designed to be finished after two weeks of playing. Newer players face more severe problems after a while of active playing with some missing resources. A handful cosmetic pets with no real purpose aren’t really a problem nor do they really hold you back (in most cases).
But I understand the “I want to collect/max it all” part. For me it was the same. So I did.

The sad thing is, that some ideas listed above would even be very easy to implement right away. But the question is, if the devs “want” that. Do they see “cash to be made” behind implementation? In theory they should be in favor of everything that drains the players gems…

Strongly recommend finding an active guild. Additional days with a single pet prevents the guild from initiating multiple pet events that day.

Not everyone wants to buy so many gems for real money just to be able to upgrade pets to mythic via the petshop. It would be nice to get rare pets in another way too, perhaps for glory.

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I bought the previous campaigns and that’s it. Further I bought “Fifteen”, the Android Exclusive Pet and the Steam Exclusive Pet (both on sale, up to 90% off). Otherwise I don’t spend real money. Especially not on crap deals for gems. Not even the “First Purchase Bonus” could convince me into that. I never specifically paid real money in exchange for gems. Please don’t assume/fantasize on such stuff.

I get enough gems through collecting free hourly tributes (average around 23gems/h I guess) and by playing vault events to get enough vault keys to profit from gem drops while opening them. Just don’t waste gems anywhere on stuff ingame like high tiers on stupid events with crappy rewards. Instead just play vault and be good…

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