New Deck Tactics (Lvl. 60)

Hello everyone!
I want a new deck, I’m tired of my old tactics xD
Any suggestions? (I have a few souls, so I can upg. some troops :slight_smile: )
My Deck

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From what you have it’s interesting to see which legendary you want to use and build around them.

For example you can use a classic farming combo of Alchemist + Valkyrie to build around Leviathan or Glitterclaw. I particularly advice to use Leviathan, his spell is very disruptive for changing the troop order and removing any buffs from your enemies.

If you Manage to get a Hellcat this week in event chest or Invasion Shop you could build around Sekhma for example so a combination of Alchemist+Hellcat+Sekhma would work.

I’m suggesting only three troops to give you the chance to figure out what weapon you would like to use on your hero. It’s importat to use him in every battle to unlock better class talents.

I see!
Also thought around farming combo :smiley:
Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get a Hellcat :slight_smile: