New Content: Questions to Developers

I would like to hear answers to questions from the developers

  1. Is it possible to get runes in some other way, except from the dwarf (offers, daily tasks, arena, etc.)
  2. A new myth from the forge can be obtained in some other way (chests, green keys)?
    3.New weapons from the forge can be obtained in some other way (tower of misfortune, for example)?

“Tower of misfortune” it feels like we’ve been playing that Event for a while now.

I’m not a dev, but I’m pretty sure the answer to all of those is “No” :sweat_smile:

Cursed runes might show up as rewards elsewhere in the future (or, more likely, in flash offers), but Cursed gnomes are the only way to get them at the moment.

And the new weapons/mythic are a Soulforge exclusive for now and likely forever (though nobody will promise you that, just in case they want to put them in a flash offer in the future).

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We would very much like to hear from the developers answers to simple questions.

I get what you’re saying, but the answers to your questions are already laid out in the Update post for 6.1. Your questions are just wishful thinking for right now, and in fact all of the answers, however unsatisfying you may find them, have already been stated.

Mythic, pet, and weapons in the new Forge levels are exclusives that need to be unlocked in the Soul Forge levels 11-20. They have announced Cursed Gnome Bait as forthcoming in the future for guaranteed Cursed Gnomes, but they haven’t shown up yet on any offers that have been posted here.

Maybe blowback about the rarity of Cursed Runes might change their mind about scarcity of drops, but I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon.

Now, if you are making these as suggestions to the devs to make future changes, then that’s a different thing, but I don’t think you’re going to get a response due to the reasons stated above.

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I think most players will be interested in the answers to the given questions.

You already know the answers. Ignoring that will not change them.