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New Console AI...What do you think?

Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on the new console AI?

For PvP it seems OK. Most teams I play don’t match skulls and they ALWAYS cast there spells now while there is skulls to be matched. Bd is even more potent by this as you can no longer bait him. Not sure if the PC crowd will like these changes.
Games are taking longer that’s for sure.

OK so I understand the AI not matching skulls now and casting spells while skull matches are on screen but WHY is this also happening in Arena, Explore, Challenges and quests @Sirrian @Nimhain

Lol, I’m a little confused why console got this first instead of PC. Console has never followed a script and use to mana deny or not match skulls before the change. Plenty of those threads on here.


Cause we been nice this year and santa Sirrian always rewards nice people :slight_smile:


Based on my play this week it seems the same.

  1. Occasionally ignoring 5 matches in favor 4 matches.
  2. Occasionally ignoring 4 matches in fervor of something else.
  3. Sometimes taking a random 3 match instead of casting or Skull match.

I still enjoy the console AI more than PC.


I would like a priority list for the troops to cancel Gorgotha loops or drain, when you can just kill an enemy.

I like it, its a good change. No longer predictable enough to cheese with a single tank or entangle then leaving skulls to win. Good job devs. :slight_smile:

In my opinion its definitely a better pvp feeling now, but as above said they favor matching 4 instead of 5.

I like the smarter AI. but it seems alot worse on 4 and 5 matches on skyfalls. A few rounds have been ridiculous

Devils advocate here. I think the new AI does now accurately portray PvP. It allows players with the current “best” troops to sit back and watch how many wins (without actually playing) they can accumulate, simply because they are using the current best defence to destroy those who are without (read as anyone who can’t employ the right attack team for the specific job). And for a very small reward gain at that, it’s not even incentive, it’s just “I’ll AI destroy you because I can”. Congratulations GoW, you have discovered the essence of PvP pwnage and added it successfully to your game. /handclapwithdevilsmile

It’s much smarter and pretty much a big improvement. The major issue I had when testing my defence team was the ai cast amira’s spell on a troop that was almost dead and not the blue mana troop I wanted it to. She can one shot kill korvash because of the double true damage against blue mana users, it’s a shame the ai didn’t recognise that. However it certainly is tougher and pretty impressive and I’m sure it’ll evolve even more over the coming months and years.

Maybe you were not lucky cause i fighted several time against amira and she target my blue troop almost every time

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I think the PvP definitely requires more strategy now. Overall I like it more now, while of course more difficult it does feel more like battling an actual person.

Other people may disagree, but since this update improved the AI I think the troop (I can’t believe I forgot it’s name as I fight them all the time) that drains mana, stuns, and increases its attack that also has the empowered trait I feel is maybe a little too effective now? Does anyone else think this too or just me? I can still beat it, but I think it is possible that the devs should maybe look into this. Especially teams that have two of them. I think you probably all know which ones I’m talking about.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: Apparently the developers thought this too. I just saw 2.2 notes for PC/Mobile stating that empowered had been changed to fast. Btw, the troop is Manticore. So I assume this will be changing on console at some point as well.


i think it needs fixed majorly… theres no reason they should get nonstop extra turns with back to back 4 gem matches and skull matches, and theres no reason they should be able to move a 3 gem match and then get 3 extra turn gem matches fall into the correct place… please fix this… ive played since 2015, and this just makes me more angry then anything and causes me to quit playing half the time…

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Just wonder if the games is longer with this new Al, also wonder if the rewards is better than before? Thanks! :slight_smile:

New AI does tend to make games longer, especially with Manticore now that he is willing to cast before taking skulls.

Rewards went up slightly on console compared to previous patch but only to be roughly inline with what mobile gets. So overall likely less rewards per hour.

[quote=“Illithid, post:15, topic:16877, full:true”]
New AI does tend to make games longer, especially with Manticore now that he is willing to cast before taking skulls.[/quote]

Longer games aren’t good on console! It’s not like we can temporarily put on hold an in-progress PvP session and resume later, like you can in the mobile game. It already requires a commitment minimum of 40 games to reach Tier 1, which if you completed all in one play session would definitely count as “grinding” by any measure.

The more a game begins to rely heavily on grind mechanics to achieve its goals, I find the less fun it becomes for players in general. :confused:

Are you referring to number of guild task rewards… or is that PvP rewards for winning? How do you measure “more rewards”?

More rewards as in higher gold payout per PvP match. Was previously about 800 a match pre patch before bonuses, now getting about 1100 on average. But matches definitely take longer post patch.

There are a lot of variables that go into that formula and I don’t see any difference between pre- and post-update results in terms of gold. Unless the devs have stated that they tweaked the formulas, I would assume there has been no change.

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i have a question for all console players:

how do you feel about Emperor Khorvash being played by ai more smart and not taking skull baits?

is this too op then?
i really feel like full draining 2 troops for that mana cost is too much. i wanna know am i alone with this idea?
(to be honest i loathe khorvash, he is “drain or be drained” and i dislike the mechanic, i dont want to be forced to use drain as the only reasonable counter)


Well it suck but usualy i am able to fill my famine before him and finish him

The mantibone team are a little harder since bone dragon can cast when there is already couple skulls on the board but if you play wisely you still can beat them, i use gorghota and i refill other troop so manticore waste his spell on them then hurry up and fill gorghota then can feed famine and kill bone dragon also death is now fixed so i try to cast him when i can when bone dragon or deep borer are dead manticore are a joke to kill

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The change in the AI hasn’t actually been THAT dramatic. It still has some of the old quirks (will take a 3-match before a 4-match of the same colour sometimes, will take skulls when it probably shouldn’t sometimes, etc.). It does seem to be a bit better about choosing when to cast spells, but it doesn’t fundamentally change the way the game plays.

The other thing is, you never know how the other player has tweaked the preferences. Between the bit of randomness still existing in the AI and not knowing exactly how it is supposed to work in the first place, it is hard to adjust the colour preferences with much confidence. Personally, I’ve hardly touched it outside of turning down the skull preference a bit.

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