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New Card Creation Nimnim

What you think about it guys?
Where you think it is useful and against what?

I created this card to be maybe the anti L&D and Rope Dart Weapon.

I always create these cards for fun.

What’s the boost ratio?

EDIT: Seems really, really strong for its mana cost. I think I’d like it better if, instead of hitting all enemies, it hit all things of a given color. Smaller base damage is probably necessary to be balanced (impossible to know without the boost ratio), and Impervious with Stealthy is a little too strong, probably.

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Thank you for your feedback.
Ratio is 2:1.

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Yeah, maybe 20 mana and damage to a random enemy. To all is quite a bit considering it also stuns and dispels.

Kudos, its more interesting than what I’ve seen from IP2 recently.

@ Tabu, Thank you for your feedback.

Nice work.

If it is anti L&D you want dispel to cast first, then stun.

Also expect it on L&D teams as it’s an elf, so would give those teams castable stun as well as web. That would be awful.

It’s possible to make a Zhulkari elf team with 4 elves and get huge kingdom stat gains too. I had a Shadowblade doing about 80 true damage in G wars.

Might be an idea to change kingdom and partial race type therefore.

Elemental gains from Lord of Storms, so it’s damage can increase. That’s cool.


Xolid99 Thank you for your feedback.

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Make him Mythic, raise his mana cost up to 20 and that’s probably reasonable…

Other than that Stun and Dispell all, on impervious troop that’s stealthy and cannot be target…

This troop might be a nice counter to few things, but what will counter it ?
You would have to get him cursed and stunned to be able to hit him with anything…

I like how the first trait lines up with the spell, even if only in a small way.

Agreed about the “overpowered” comments. Give it an Ancestry trait instead of Impervious, maybe make it target the last two troops (including the dispel and stun, maybe?) or middle two troops (“Gouge”/“Slice ‘n’ Dice”) or similar. Mana cost maybe 18, after modifications, given the “boosted by Attack”.

Alternatively, see if you can get it to Dispel and Stun all on clicking “Cast”, allowing you to target any unit including Stealthy ones (assuming not Immune to Stun), and then just deal True Damage to one unit (still very strong, given Attack boosting).

Thematically satisfying in the WoW “elf rogue” sense.

Looks good. But she looks more like a rogue than an elemental. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys. Here is the troop after incorporating your feedbacks and suggestions.

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Replace Stealthy and Suppresion in traits order to keep it with everything in game.

As for spell. Curse and Stun all - now that’s much stronger than Dispell and Stun all. It would basicaly stun all stun-immune troops with a single cast. Very strong…

As for damage - change it to hit the “strongest” troop only. (hero with LD usually has most armor +hp, so it would target that unit)