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New campaign pass rewards

To raise all kingdoms to level 20, we need over 900 books of various deeds, plus about 30 years of imperial deeds at the current offering rates.

For this 11 week chunk of time, there are two (2) books of magic deeds in the free campaign rewards, and an additonial two (2) books of magic deeds in the paid pass. Thankfully, there are no further books in the highest tier.

There are no imperial deeds in either reward track, but there are 120 writs, which is 12% of one imperial deed.

There are no other meaningful rewards for endgame progression.

Is this what we should expect from future campaign passes, and for future deed book availability? This puts us on track to finish upgrading kingdoms to 20 in about 45-50 years, which is a bit disconcerting.

Edit: I want to add that I’m not upset or annoyed at the lack of rewards, just confused. It’s not my intention to bash design decisions here; I stopped caring about deeds a long time ago.


I don’t see the point of the extra faction stats if its basically unreasonable to reach.

That’s not he final word from devs about books avability.

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