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New but active player LFG

I’m coming up on two months, almost level 227. Working on kingdoms (almost all at least 5, some 7-9, and some 10’s). I joined a guild that was advertised as casual but there is really no one very active right now. I am looking for a guild that is a lot more active so I can progress faster and have better resources, but not super hardcore because I have a lot of other RL responsibilities. I have no problem with seals and donate what I can after kingdoms. Doing GW right now but only a couple of us are even attacking so we are barely getting anywhere. But I have some decent starter defense and attack teams set up. I can use Discord if necessary.

Well The scubadivers have some openings.
Guild is currently level 306 rank 463.
For lower ranked players no gold requirements, we do expect participation in weekly events.
Also if possible 1500 seals, fot lower ranked players 1000.
If you want to know more just leave a message, if you wanna join our merry bunch leave your invitecode.
Hope to welcome you soon in our merry bunch :crazy_face: :vulcan_salute: :wave: :grinning:

I suggest you message @mitamata to see if they have space in Celestial Peak - great guild with really good people :+1:t2:

Thanks for the replies here and in PM. I have found a guild.