New 4.7 is not good for mid-game guilds

The new update is a nerf that effectively removes legendary tasks from all but a handful guilds and increases the cost barrier to reach LT’s. The one most important reason people like LT’s is for the chance for a new Mythic or legendary troop. With the cost barrier raised by millions and with no new chance of getting this troop type. This update targets mid lvl guilds that where only just reaching LT’s and starting to get to the point where these rewards were possible. Not sure how this new update is supposed to help mid lvl players gain better cards (which is the point of the game). It seems like this update only helps lvl up the cards you already have. The loss of chance to get a Mythic or Legendary troop removes the chance that those mid lvl players will get new cards. Why do we continue to punish the up and coming players to only reward those already at the top of the game.


Fixed now!


Omg, truth!!!

I said this in another thread but will repeat it here as it seems like a good idea… Perhaps a solution to the problem would be to leave regular tasks and LT’s the way they are and make the new Epic guild tasks optional. Then make the LT’s that come after that have a higher reward chance. This would give guilds the chance to continue to get LT’s as they always have and give the high lvl guilds something to push for. This would be a win win for everyone.

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Why is it “punishing the new players” and not “rewarding the longtime players and supporters” in a game that has existed for over 5 years

Why is it “punishing the new players” and not “rewarding the longtime players and supporters” in a game that has existed for over 5 years

The game isnt just on mobile. Switch version is around 9 months old…

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There is a large thread on this elsewhere in these forums. The guilds who currently do all tasks plus some LTS will probably ignore epic tasks completely and save the gold previously spent on LTS for mythic drop week and in the case of the most competitive guilds, guild wars week where the epic tasks stat boosts make sense. I imagine that mythic week will be where most LTS are done. So for players who are still new or mid level, the only significant new troops that they will obtain will be during mythic week because higher players who already have most of the troops will concentrate their resources here. The lost resources from LTS in the other 3 weeks will have to be sourced elsewhere such as explore in the case of arcanes. Of course, the lower players may well be unable to consistently succeed in lvl 12 explore so the grind for them will increase. I think this update is regressive for all player levels and all but the very hardcore guilds. The plan seems to be to encourage cash outlay to achieve some degree of parity. The unashamed pursuit of cash has stepped up with every update that has been released since I started playing. Elite guilds will continue to thrive but the rest will fade into obscurity, completely unable to compete with the colossal stats and medal boosts enjoyed by those at the top of the game. Sounds like a downdate to me, but time will tell.


You can find the thread here, currently at 339 posts.

I’m in a very good guild, but we already have people saying this is their last week playing GOW.

I started this thread to draw attention to guilds in the same position as mine. I have been GM of Marshal Law now rank 60 for almost 4 years and we do well getting around 25-30 LT’s a week. This update is directly targeting my guild, because we now will no longer get those rewards. The thing is at our lvl those rewards being given in the new epic tasks are pretty much useless to the majority of my members.


Not just your guild, but the entire TUF family of guilds as well will be very effected by this.
Our guilds I would consider as being top guilds but this will completely wipe out LT’s for us.

The only guilds that won’t have a problem with LT’s will probably be the top 3 on the LB, maybe just maybe a handful of others but would probably struggle to do it. For all us ‘upper-middle’ guilds who do very well but only 1-20 LT’s a week, we’re the main people who will suffer. For guilds that never do all guild tasks, it’s just business as usual.

The guilds that don’t do all tatsks tho, will probably still not do any ‘epic’ tasks because of their gold cost being so high. If they can’t even finish 15.6mil for normal guild tasks, why or how could they do ‘epic’ ones?

This is why I think guild tasks & ‘epic’ guild tasks should both have their prices lowered, or if nothing else for ‘epic’ tasks to be the same cost as guild tasks. Playing 3x as much is an unreasonable expectation, and even 2x as much is very unlikely. Also why would people pay 31.2mil gold for tasks that are worse than the current guild tasks? More expensive, and worse rewards? lol

Which brings me to my original question, how is this helpful to any guild?
The top 3 guilds, it won’t phase much, the bottom guilds won’t benefit, and it hurts all the middle guilds a lot which are already ‘limited’ to about 5-15 LT’s a week even if they don’t hard cap it like they did for glory buying event keys to 10 a week, which is exactly what they should do here.

If they did a hard cap of 10/week, it would solve the ‘unlimited resources’ that the dev’s are concerned about. For guilds that do 1-10 LT’s, it will encourage them to get the max of 10, so they’ll actually play a little more. For guilds that do 10-20 LT’s, that means they’ll play more delves or something where there are gold sinks in place already. And for guilds that do 30+ LT’s, they might stop ‘stacking’ all their top gold earners in 1 guild and spread them out among their family of guilds, benefiting everyone.

And if people are going to spend money, its going to be because they are enjoying the game and having fun, so the goal here is to do that, make a game that is fun but not a 40hr/week 2nd job. If it’s not fun or too much like having a ‘busy checklist’ to do all the time, it will discourage players and you’ll see a decline in spending and playtime.