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Guild Wars Scoring

We’ve got a couple of minor tweaks to guild wars scoring starting in the next Guild War.

  1. We’re re-jigging the points from a flat 300 across the board to: 250,275,300,325,350. This should make the paragon battles feel as if they’re worth a little more without skewing the results too far in terms of the effects of RNG.
  2. We’re going to emphasize speed slightly more in the calculation, giving it a base of 50 moves (up from 30) to count down your bonus.
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its already here…

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It’s up, how did you miss it?

Oh it was derailed, that’s right

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You get a A for effort though.

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IMHO the emphasis on speed is a mistake.

Why? Because it encourages defense teams that can drag the battle out, making for tedious gameplay!

I’ve already started to see more of these ‘time-suck’ teams in the last few days of this week’s GW.

If you want to tweak the GW scoring, please do it in a way that encourages fun games, not snoozers! :sleeping:


This thread made my morning.

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Glad it make you smile :kissing_heart: