Nerfs that was made that now can be reversed

Ishabalas 3rd trait should get reversed so all Diviens start out with 50 % mana.

You choose the next troop or weapon.


Or weapon?

Skeleton Key…It might have been overused, but it wasn’t overpowered. All my alts hate the nerf. And yeah, I read all the other options. But me and my alts preferred the Key as it was. 32 less dmg when at 200 gold, plus 1 mana to cast. Still mad 2 months later.


Infernus Mana Cost… and every other Infernus clone


I would like to see explosion mana buffed to 60% (still down from the 70% it used to be)

I would also like to see 4-matches given back the chance at a mana surge. I have no idea why this was taken away ages ago.

Both of these nerfs were a direct attack on match speed which I am opposed to in any form. A quicker match is always better either win or lose.

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PC/Mobile never really had that surge chance, except for a short while in between when they messed up their code branches. As much as I recall it was considered one of the most hated features ever by the community, due to giving rise to some utterly horrible to fight PvP defense teams.

Was The Worldbreaker ever at a lower mana cost? It should be, regardless, given the current state of the game.

EDIT: Also Ishtara should be it’s pre-release version, as should a couple other mythics (that escape me at the moment) that were dead-on-arrival because their initial, spoiler-version was toned down way too hard.


lol Bone Dragon omg :rofl: :rofl: :skull: