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Nerf Ubastet - he is overpowered

I don’t understand what point I’m missing but I’d be happy to revisit it if you care to explain it.

In simple terms: Any card that “preys” on the player’s progress/strenght needs to be well thought in order to be balanced. Everyone’s goal is to increase their power upgrading troops, so a Mythic exploiting/being reinforced by all attack in both teams would obviously be over the curve.
On top of that there is Ishbaala to help him with mana.

We need an Impervious Mythic Gate (Construct to pair really well with all the overpowered new talents we have :sweat_smile:) which reduces all attack of allies to 0 and reduces 40% of all damage to deal with this meta. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Funny since uba is out we stop hearing nerf bloodhammer :slight_smile:


I partially agree with you. But, hit the weakest???! Kill one if you kill another???! and synergy with Ishbaala for insta kill half a team in round 2???! Its too much!

I understand people made lots of sacrifices to summon Ubastet or upgrade it, but come on people, he’s overpowered, he ruins the PVP, don’t you see it?

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Can’t see why they couldn’t do both nerf and buff. That’s part of the benefits of not being a physical card game, things can be properly rebalanced without banning something entirely.

They could, but there isn’t such a thing as perfect balance and thus by nerfing something and buffing something else that would make the buffed thing the new thing that requires a nerf… I think I typed that right. :smiley:

I’m starting to wonder why Ubastet isn’t a Daemon/Raksha at 24 mana. Ubastet seems more Daemon to me than Doomclaw.

I believe that even targeting the strongest and even without Ishbaala’s help he would be over the curve since all troops will gain attack as we progress.

BUT WAIT! How could we forget that Leshy (http://gowdb.com/troops/6367) is a perfect viable way to deal with this Mythic? We are a “bunch of daft halfwitted noobs”! Back to basics 101 people! :rofl::rofl::rofl:



And we dont even have dwarven gates and teslas xD

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My gates have 14 attack, i need to “unprogress” more in order to win! <- (This sounds so wrong…)


Please nerf the hero :stuck_out_tongue:

The Peasants are in an uproar… lets nerf them also :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::yum:


Somehow my curiosity took over to check in again. :thinking:
What about nerfing the handful of whiners? :wink:


It’s more than a handful…

The nerf / don’t nerf debate has gone on here since the game started. Some appeal for balance. Some think that’s just whining as people don’t like to lose.

The devs used to listen and argue back here. And they’d respond quickly when things were too far unbalanced. Now they act once a year and only if analytics data suggests the gameplay issue is worse than the revenue loss for pissing off the smallminded ones that leave in a hissyfit when their new toy is toned down.


No worries, I can stretch it a little… It’s two handfuls… :wink:


Balance in this game??? lol
it wil just be another over powered meta next month




I’d like to leave the “balancing” of troops to the dev’s they see all the data and can make the appropriate decisions to raise or lower the required stats on all troops if needed as they’ve done in the past. I’m fine with Ubastet as he is myself I beat opponent teams with him far more than I lose to them.



Great post mate. Thank you @Calv1n :slight_smile: