Nerf possession

because it’s not fun at all when enemy dragon souls revives himself 6times…
******** 6 times!!!

That’s just bad RNG luck. I had an opponent IK resurrect 5 times in a row last week… RNG can be streaky sometimes…


Possession isn’t a permanent thing anyway. It was just a temporary replacement until they could get the third trait working as intended.

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I killed one with War, it came back. I killed it with Wulfgarok the next turn, it came back and promptly got devoured. I finally killed it for good with War again, two turns later.

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Seems to have been temporarily permanent for quite some time though…

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Have we had an update since it was changed? I thought the devs were waiting to do something within the code.

What was the trait supposed to be anyway, I cant even recall its been so long XD

Pretty terrible, actually. When TDS died, there was a chance that one of your remaining troops would become a TDS. So you couldn’t build any synergy into your non-TDS troops or else it might be ruined when Possession triggered.


Yeah, agreed. Nobody wants this “fix”.

probably will be my first troop getting a refund if it ever get “fixed”. 2 traits is enough. actually, mana shield is enough.

Had to kill around 10 times a soul dragon. Now thats what I would like to see: like with curse on characters with the 10% chance of healing on 1st turn, then 20%, then 30%,… Soul dragon 25% chance to resurrect, then 20%, then 15% and then he can stay at 10%.
I AM SICK OF THIS TROOP! Cant count the number of times I had to kill 4 to 6 times the dragon soul.

Would be nice to see the stats how many dragon soul been kill since they are on console. Probably going to catch the goblin lol

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Depending on the team I am using, I love when it keeps reviving, it is fast exp