Nemesis 5 year anniversary! 800 Lt's! Ps4

Happy 5 year anniversary to Nemesis!!
Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.
800 legendary tasks in one week!!

I couldn’t ask for a better guild.
Keep up the great work everyone and I hope to celebrate like this again next year.


Such a great week! Thanks for bringing it all together, San.


You’re welcome!! This has been the best week in Nemesis ever!!


Thanks everyone for an amazing week. Nice to see so many people going above and beyond. Great guild with great teamwork :+1:


Thank you for being part of it. So amazing.

Thank you My friend. I couldn’t ask for more from my guild

Congrats, hope a few people got a few missing mythics!

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Yes they did. We pulled stonehammer, the world breaker and queen of sin. We were happy with 3. And plenty of legendary troops

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