[Needs confirmation] TINA-9000 shot a dead troop with her 3rd shot instead of the final enemy?

Platform: PC, Steam client
Game version:
Operating System: Windows 7
Team Share Code: [6723,1220,6699,6789,3041,2,3,3,3,2,2,2,14022]
Game speed: x4
Game Mode: Tower of Doom

I have been playing the Doom Tower event and I had noticed something strange that I thought got fixed some time ago. I am just not 100% sure about it because it could have been some lag input when you’re playing for a prolonged time period at x4 game speed.

The TINA-9000 just killed the troop with her 2nd shot, but I saw that her 3rd and the final shot did not fire on the last enemy troop, but on a deceased troop. That’s a wasted shot. That’s not supposed to be happening anymore, unless if the old bug resurfaced somehow. The same issue was with the Infernus troop back then.

I am just asking for confirmation and if someone can test it. If this is actually working as intended, I’ll update and edit this report.

Thank you.