Need some help with teambuilding

I will be very grateful for the help in creating effective teams. With the advent of my collection of “orange” troops a little confused, and, at the same time, I can not overcome some battles (for example, raid bosses, pets …) My collection

You have some amazing troops for your level. :star_struck:

It is very difficult to win high level event battles without an armour ripping weapon. Specially before you have a stronger deck. MANG is the most obvious option and you have it, you can also go to weapons and write armor in sorter to view your options. You can add a hero/weapon to any team.

In the short term I would suggest 3x dwarven gate and Lady Ironbeard in third slot. When first DG is full and second half full you start casting.
When opponent reaches too high level for this team add Mang first and move LI to the bottom.

You have Divine Ishbaala so you might work on traiting her, once she is fully traited go to sorter and pick divine, and make a team around her. You will probably have more troops by then.

You also have some good goblins so a goblin team might be an option.

The default team to farm traitstones is
Sunbird-Hero-2xfirebomb (firebomb has to be fully traited)
Before Rowanne was in place of hero.
If we gain more gold/souls/traitstones by using a certain card in explore I add that card in place of hero.

Then I would suggest you join a guild where you can ask for advice, and gain tons of keys :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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Raid Boss and Tower is different, then you just need to use the best team you can make within the limits of the week. Mang is still important and each event has a special card that does extra damage to boss/towers, it can be bought in event shop.

Quick look at your troops - Id go with something like this:

Archon Statue
Queen Ysabelle



Paladin/Templar was a combo I used a lot when I started out. Which was quite sometime ago, so things maybe different.


The good old Knight team!

I think mine was something along the lines of;
Knight Coronet
Dark Knight

Early game memories!

Yes Paladin was (is) awesome! So awesome that I levelled armour kingdoms before magic kingdoms! Haha

Yeah I preferred Alastair out front, though this was way before troop types were a thing.

Thank you very much for all. Be sure to try the suggested options. Today I got a few more “orange” troops, so opportunities are even more =)