Need some help please


I need help, I can’t change my hero’s weapon. I used to could change it but now there is no prompt to do it, I just says your the hero go fight. Second, can you make teams or only have them suggested to you? Thanks for any help you can give me. :blush::blush:


You must be new here perhaps. You can make any team of four as you see fit as long as you have those troops. You need to go to the troops menu from the map and also at that area you can change your weapon for the team. I suggest reading the wiki abit and do not give up and join a guild early.


No, I have been playing for a while, but since these last two updates I have been not been able to change weapon. I have a ton of weapons and would like to change to make my magic better.


When you go to the Troops menu, you should see Troops/Hero buttons in the upper left corner (and also Bonuses after selecting a team), and after switching to Hero there are all your weapons. So what exactly doesn’t work - you don’t see the menu, buttons, weapons list, cant drag a weapon to your lineup, something else?


Thank you, I wasn’t dragging it to my hero. Problem solved.