Need More for New and Low Level Players to do/be able to Participate

I get that you need to develop more to do for the higher level, end game players or they will get bored and leave, but you also need to implement things to allow new and lower level players to do and/or feel they are contributing to events and such.

For example:
Events such as Invasion, Raid Boss, even pet battle (though this is more-so an individual event) have multiple stages to complete. The game is made up of 6 rarities of troop, yet the events start with Stage 1 being pretty easy (made up of common to epic troops) then immediately jump into Stage 2 being all Mythics.

Why not ramp up these events through the stages, so new and lower level players feel they are contributing to the guild’s cause. Start with common, rare and ultra rare troops as it is now, Stage 2 drops the commons and adds in some of the higher rarity troops and by Stage 4 start you have the untraited mythic teams and continuing to get harder thru Stage 8.

I can hear the responses now… but that will make it too easy and boring for the high end players… ok, I get that and it makes sense. Then get creative with this, I see a lot of creativity with the game, but some very poor implementation, so here is another suggestion on the issue.

There are a few little games around that you may have heard of, they have only been around for a couple of years, up to being around for a decade. Games such as ESO, The Division, Guild Wars 2, and a small game called World of War craft that has a tiny player base of 8 million + players… they use “scaling” to adjust their games based on the players level, skill set, etc. to tailor the game to said player. Why not scale matches based on the players level, troops strength or some such other aspect which would allow these players to contribute.

It’s still doubtful they would be able to get through every stage, but at least it would let them feel as though they are giving something back to the guild and not getting frustrated. We have people as it stands that won’t even touch some of these portions of the game because they are saying they have no chance and/or it’s not worth their time.

Just my 2-cents to try to be a little more inviting to the newer and lower level player base based on feedback I hear.


Firstly you should tell the people coming to you with feedback that they will get much further posting on the forums. When a group of people post, it is likely seen as more serious than when one person posts.

Scaling would make progression moot. If a low-level can accomplish what a high level can, what’s the point of leveling? Low level players need to be patient and work toward growing and progressing. Not all content should be available to all players at any level.

LOL!!! WoW is the biggest MMO of all time. I’m sure you were trying to be clever, but by comparing a small mobile match-3 game to a juggernaut MMO actually hurts your argument.

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