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Need help with pvp team lvp 165

I have started to hit a wall and need an idea for a pvp team i have no mythics at this time but any help would be great i am using 2 gates,val, and a zen(yellow/blue giant) just kinda making due just need some suggestions. Thank you

It usually helps quite a bit if you can give us a list of the Legendary troops you have.

With the team you’re using, I’m thinking you are absorbing a lot of damage but are having trouble dealing enough damage to kill your opponent. Is that right? If so, putting in a troop that uses blue but does good damage in place of your second gate might be a quick upgrade (Knight Coronet could be good if you have him).

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This will take a little investment in souls, but I would suggest Chief Stronghorn, Lady Anariel, valkyrie, Hyndla. Red/yellow banner.
Work on filling Valkyrie, then casting her to create 4 and 5 matches of blue. This team uses all 6 colors, has a mana generator, can do a lot of damage, generates souls, and Hyndla can freeze and summon replacement troops. You don’t need any traits on these troops to be effective.
If you can cast Hyndla before Anariel, it will be a little safer.

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Hero( sword of heros) /marilith/banshee/druid works well at that level

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Built just need to farm up some souls thank you for the help

I’ll go with my usual advice.
First, on PvP defense, make sure you put a crappy team.
A common mistake for players with just 1 or 2 good team is to put it on defense.
The game selects opponent according to your defense team score, so it helps at first to have easier opponents.

General rules until your collection grow is to have:
A though guy in front
A way to produce mana
Some damage from spells

And make sure you don’t block colors.

Try to select troop that have passive traits (like some effects when magic gems). They are free spells and really boost a team.
A passive effect on skull damage also good.