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Need Help With A Gaard's Avatar Team

Alright So I Wanted To Create A Post On Here About A Team Idea I Had…
Gaard’s Avatar
Broken Guard/Orpheus’ Lute
Bard Class
Guardian Or Lantern Banner
Would This Be A Decent Team? Not Looking For Anything Spectacular, Just Trying To Make Use Of The Only Mythic Ive Ever Pulled… Currently Level 485

I don’t have that Mythic and I don’t know much about him. I just wanted to point out that the artwork for him is damn good.

That It Is. One Of The Main Reasons I Wanna Use Em,
That And The Fact That With Double Humility And Broken Guard I Think The Mana And Magic Boosts Will Make It Usable lol

Alchemist Moneylender golden cog (warPriest ) gards avatar. At high levels of difficulty switch hero to P1 and switch to a rock solid class
I use this team always for rapid progress in factions when colours permit. Avatar kills everything

That Sounds Like A Awesome Team o.o One Question Though. Could I Use Diviner Over Alchemist? I Mean She Does The Same Thing With A Bonus Effect. Or No?

Alchemist casts and gains gold. Moneylender generates red gems based on gold. It’s a constant loop between alc and ML… you just wait til u spam Gaards with cog. Added bonus is that you get lots of gold. Diviner won’t help

Thanks For This Team Im Gonna Give It A Shot.
I Was More Looking To Use Humility Since No One Seems To… Yet He Seems Awesome To Me Especially With Two. And What Do You Mean Switch Hero To P1? I Take It A Rock Solid Class Is One That Has The Stone Class Tree? Sorry New To The Forums

I See The Synergy Between The Team… Not Too Worried About The Gold As I Have The Skeleton Key Team (Cedric, Egg Thief, Skeleton Key And Greed/Leprechaun.) And I Can Do Double Cedric To Be Able To Clear Difficulty 10-12.

Mainly Trying To Find A Unique Yellow Team To Use Gaard In For A Possible Guild Defense Or To Use When Im Bored Of Key Team lol

I used this quite a lot back in the day.
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Just need a good replacement for TPK :thinking: :vulcan_salute:

AMT It Looks Nice, Though I Dont Have TPK. Or Titan Leveled… So Id Have To Grind To Get It. Currently Working On Traiting Gaard. Is Broken Guard Just Not Useful? Or Is It Because It Costs 100k And Is Used For Dawnbringer?

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Titan should be a top priority class to level, as it will help you against higher level opponents in many situations, but to get the Shield of Urskaya you’ll need 250 victories with Sentinel, so that is viable too (although not as fast start as Titan for this setup).

You could put Leprechaun on 4th slot and Thrall on 3rd as an alternative to TPK :thinking: :vulcan_salute:

Titan doesn’t have to be a top priority at all. Was the LAST stone class i leveled up to 100. (not counting Monk, which was released after i hit 100 with titan).
There are some good replacements:

Sentinel -> more tanky, but slower at mana generation and lack of offensive power
Runepriest -> unless you want to use giants and dont want to use dwarves, this one is quite similiar do Titan, instead of lighting strike, you get banishment + barier from the start
Monk -> more resilent than Titan, and will generate mana (for himself) faster than Titan, so also a valid option, cannot be frozen (or if frozen, will cleanse itself)

Plaguelord -> this one is probably less usefull than Titan in everything :wink:. Unless you have a gimmick team that fits him best.

for early/midgame players, Sentinel of Monk are a better option than Titan, at least that’s my opinion.

ofc any of these classes require getting their traits to use their full potential.

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Well Currently Im At 72 In Thief (Main One Im Focusing)
Im Passively Training Titan While Farming Souls But I Could Start Working On Sentinel Instead.

As Previously Stated Im Not Too Worried About High Leveled Opponents Except Maybe PVP Ones. I Can Clear Explore 12 And All Pet Rescues/Other Events Where My Gold Team Is Permitted. Just Trying To Get More Teams Up So I Have Variety, I’ll Work Towards Sentinel For The Shield At Least.

it depends what you’ll be using class for

Titan pros:

  • all giants start with 50% mana
  • gains life on match4
  • gains attack when taking damage (from talent @ lvl 5)
  • explode yellow on match4 (from talent @ lvl 70) - alternatively, gain enrage on matchh4 (from talent @lvl 70)

Sentinel has:

  • holy armor (40% skull damage reduction)
  • give barrier to random ally on start of turn (25% chance, so not that high)
  • gain barier from start of the battle (talent@lvl10)
  • 20% of armor added as skull damage (talent@lvl20)
  • dispell all enemies on match4 (talent@lvl 70)

Both have stone tree which gives:

  • barrier on match4 (talent@20)
  • fortitude -> lots of immunities to status effects (most importat ones: stun, death mark, also immune to devour) (talent@100)

so if you compare these 2:

Titan i better at generating mana (and giving a loop chance), while being somewhat tanky thanks to being Giant (+2hp/ match4) and having stone tree. He also has a quite reliable way of stacking attack in early game (+2 attack whenever taking damage), as enemies hit quite weak, and those 2 attack points in early game make a differance.

Sentinel is a stone wall on his own. His tankines is the best- if something brakes your barrier, you can regain it for free at start of the turn, you can get it from brown match and if both fail, you still get that 40% damage reduction. Also razor armor allow his early battle punches to deal damage.
Banishment (mass dispell ) with help with enemies who have some irritating buffs (like barrier, reflect, enchant). His only weakness in early game is that, you need something else to deal damage… apart from razor armor (with becomes useless when you run out of armor) he has no ways of increasing his damage. But give him Mang (more attack gained per cast) or Earthfury (enrage after cast) and he can solo a lvl 500 delve (done a full clear of lvl 500 mirrored halls with him, was fun).

Honestly I Like Sentinel More. So Im Probably Just Gonna Focus That. I Dont Like Using The Same Teams As Everyone Else. Even Now Im Trying To Find Ways To Diversify My Gold Team To Set Me Apart.

On A Separate Note So Double Humility + Bard Just Isnt Worth It? Even If I Were To Focus It? Or Is It Just Needing A Better Yellow Troop As Final Member?

Also Thank You To Everyone Thats Replied Im Surprised Its Gotten This Many Replies So Far

Titans day is done. There are better stone tree classes now. Besides, Lord of slaughter will feed off the brown storm and smash you in no time.

Yeah I Figured. Another Reason Im Building Sentinel

I used to use alchemist, hellcat, gaard’s avatar, mercy. Use mercy from the start if extra turn available then just loop alchemist and hellcat. The damage from hellcat can get enemies into kill range for gaard quicker.
This was before hero classes were introduced tho

The main problem with gards avatar as a defence is that it’s easy to counter with submerge. Most avatar teams are geared to fire it up quickly and golden cog provides a huge boost to its damage. GA can take out a full team with one support cast from cog. But as a defence there are many options to stop it.

Pair him with that troop that gives all knights half starting mana and some quick mana generaters. It’s great for breezing through low level delves and not much else.