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Need help with a fast team. Suggestions please!

Hi all. Trying to build a relatively fast deck (don’t have Sunbird), and so far this is the best I’ve been able to come up with. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve this? Or any other relatively fast deck? Personally I’m not too pleased with Dimetraxia in this deck but I don’t know with what I can replace it.
Level 140 at the moment. Thanks in advance!

Fleshripper weapon

Firebomb in first place, instead of

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It will probably be a matter of time before you get sunbird, when you get him, just change to 3x fire bomb and sunbird, 2x fire bomb, sunbird and ogryn or 2x fire bomb, sunbird rowanne

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Sunbird is in the soulforge for ruby right now at a 1/8 chance.

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Atm i dont have the cards to do sunbird and 3x fire bombs, ive been using this set up for soul farming and trait farming, will probably do well in pvp also once i get these guys lvled up.

Banner: Abyssal banner, +2 purple, +1 red, -1 yellow.

Hero (hes just a meat shield here, use a off color and focus on getting mana to the other 3 guys first, fill dark troll asap)
Dark troll (gains souls per cast, warg damage increases)
Warg (gains souls per cast, also damage increases from collected souls, atm he can hit for 45 points of damage for me once souls are maxed at 60)
Kerebos (has necro trait, hits for 21 damage, 40% chance to devour, devour gains the stats from the devoured card, kerebos can be a real nightmare if he devours one or two cards during the fight, a high stat killing machine if the rest of your guys die, he can win the battle even in 1 vrs 3 often times)

Also been trying to put the zombie in there instead of hero for the necro skill, he gains a lot of life when he cast so hes able to tank, he also removes skulls so takes less akull hits, he also shakes up the board when he removes skulls, unfortuntly it often leaves the other team getting some big mana on the next turn.

The dark troll fills the zombie and the warg most times if there are 10+ purple gems on the board when he cast, 10+ purple gems on board usually means extra turn also, cast him first and warg gets a +9 to damage on his first hit, my warg hits for 24 damage on first hit and way more each hit after.

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That sounds really good. Sadly enough, Also don’t have Dark Troll and Kerebos. Level 143, surprised I miss so many “basic” cards.

If you have The Dragon Soul then you should be using that, but I suspect you don’t. Any other dragons? Second Krystenax?

If you don’t have Sunbird, but do have Princess Elspeth, a good high-speed farming team is:

Princess Elspeth
Bombot x 3

+2 Brown Banner.

Elspeth zaps the bottom Bombot and, unless there’s almost no Brown Gems on the board, the Bombot in second place (and maybe the one in third place) fills.

On Normal level, firing one or both is usually enough to clear the opposition.

With x4 Graphics speed, you can do a farming match in less than 30 seconds.

Rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat and… :slight_smile:

That’s a no on both. No Dragon Soul and no 2nd Krystenax.

Sounds good. But I also don’t have an Elspeth. Seems like I’m missing all the good fast cards :slight_smile:

Sunbird is in soul forge, princess elspeth is a kingdom quest reward.

Try changing your 3rd bombot for Troglodyte. Will add quite a bit of damage to your bombots.


Be aware that the sunbird-based teams suggested might not be that effective until you’ve got most/all of the kingdoms with bonus life maxed and at 5 starts, since its damage depends on how much life it has… Same with bombots and armor kingdoms, although to a lesser extent.

Krystenax is a very solid troop, I’d focus on building teams around it instead… Back when I started playing things were very different, but pairing it with mana generators that don’t overlap in colors, either exploders (e.g. gorgotha, herdmaster) or converters (e.g. valkyrie) should be a good strategy, depending on which troops you have available!


I’ve gotten a huge amount of work done with Forest Troll + Krystenax even though they overlap in blue. Admittedly I use it for Guild Wars but that isn’t the point. They’re particularly adept at holding control of the board.

Having one of those mana generators with zero overlap would be even better. Particularly something purple so Kryst’s trait* is more valuable, like Green Seer or Herdmaster or Carnex.

*Moot if you haven’t traited him.

I hadn’t noticed that, thanks! And it’s single-colour Brown too, so it still does the same job of being the sacrificial troop to get more Brown gems on the board :+1:

I just set up this team for someone since they TOO don’t have Sunbird:


Works ESSENTIALLY the same as Sunbird, but without the whole refresh for new health aspect. And you can just get Rowanne from Forest of Thorns campaign.

Either that or this:


Thanks for the help guys! Kept going with Krystenax, and built up the speed quite decently. Just got sunbird, so I’m going to give it a try. If it doesn’t work out yet, I’ll keep going with my dragons, which takes me now a minute or so on hard.

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Now that you have sunbird, use my team above but just sub out bul’tauros! Good luck!

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