NEED HELP, sending ticket is useless

i sent a ticket to support and i have been round and round with them i NEED something from the support team. i was told make sure my graphics, flash, game, directX, and windows is updated. i went out and got windows 10 and am using that now instead of windows vista(btw windows 10 is ugly).

player name: MassMurder
invite code: THEBUCK2613
directX: 12
flash: up to date
operating system : windows 10 (same results on windows vista)
game player: steam

this is all the information i should have to give you guys, if you need more tho let me know. i have dealt with login crashes for 4 days, and now im seeing messed up graphics such as this. if my pc cannot play this game anymore because of the update just tell me straight up and not some crap about make sure everything is up to date.

although i can slowly make my way thru the game and fight pvp or do maps i should not have to play like this

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Oh, that doesn’t look very nice.

I’m not certain about your primary issue. However, as to your Windows 10 UI dislike, there are a number of options “Start10” and “Classic Shell” are the big ones. Please read this short write up and you can decide what is best for you.


omg thank you so much @Strat windows 10 is now tolerable. i was going to keep it for some of the programs it came with automatically, and now even tho the classic shell is slightly different than vista visually all the buttons/layout is the same :slight_smile:

any tips on fixing GOW? lol

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Do you know if anyone else is seeing that same problem? I had a graphics card many years ago that was starting to fail and did weird stuff like that. I thought it was buggy software at first because it was only affecting 1 game out of several that I was playing, but when I saw weirdness in a 2nd game, I started to suspect the graphics card. I swapped it out for an identical card and everything was fixed. Just something to try if you or a friend has a spare graphics card that you can try.

See if this works?

Hey @thebuck2613,

Could you try any of the above launch options in steam to see if it fixes these problems?

Also, could you send through a file located inside the Gems of War Data Folder called output_log.txt?

To get to the file, in Steam, Go to the library and Right Click on Gems of War.
Select Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files…
This should open up a new window. From here, open the GemsOfWar_Data folder, and the output_log.txt is located here.

Sending us this file will help us track down what is causing your issue!

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i cant upload output log.txt here but i found where is says warning shader unsupported. i havent tried the other options, im about to go to bed and ill try those in the morning

is there anything i can download to help with this? i cant afford to buy anything

Your best off sending us a support ticket with the txt files attached. We would really like to be able to look through it. I can then pass the txt file to @GoldPhoenix0.

Did you try any of the options that @salty had posted in the above thread?

Also, have you updated your Graphics Card drivers?
From the picture you have posted, it looks like there may be a specific issue with either the Graphics Card or it’s Driver.

Otherwise, as Salty mentioned, if you could send that output_log.txt through to support with a rundown of your computer’s specs, then that would help.

Are you on a laptop, or a PC with onboard video (aka not a separate video card)?
If so, could you check what memory is allocated to your video card in your computer bios?

opengl = crash
d3d11 = same as posted picture
glcore = crash
d3d9 = same as posted picture

ill send the output log to support ty for giving me options to try

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