Need help bad ( Draakulis teams )

I finally pulled my favorite mythic!!!
What is a good speedy team with him?
I need help bad.

I got bat… Lol


humility humility draak humility? fully traited

otherwise take the ek valk bat something :sweat_smile:

Dang I don’t have humility fully traited

Do you have soothsayer fully traited?

I haven’t found any really fast teams with him, but I had some luck with Elven Bard, to give him 2 magic, 1/2 his mana, and enchant him, so like Soothsayer, Even Bard, Draak, Soothsayer, cast the last soothsayer first to try to get Elven Bard up early, enchant Draak and go from there.

It worked pretty well, but nothing super exciting.


That sounds good!!

I have a lot of fun with Gorg / Lady A / Draak / Famine. It’s kinda slow, but very safe. If you want to speed it up then you can swap out Famine for a generator like Valk.