Need Feature: Crafting hunt

Similar to the current Treasure hunt
copper > silver > gold > coin bag > wood chest > green chest > red chest > vault

New Feature: Crafting hunt
minor soul (1) > normal soul (5) > major soul (10) > minor trait stone > major trait stone >
runic trait stone > Arcane trait stone > celestial trait stone

Trait stones gained will be rewarded with random ‘elemental’ type (e.g. fire, water, earth, etc)

Maps can be earned through another guild task or use the current treasure map

Sorry for those that have seen this posted in another forum response, but would like to make a tread in case the dev missed it :laughing:

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Yeah, if GoW was a standalone game it would be in already. As it if freemium you can expect it only when threadstones are obsolete stuff and something new got introduced as pay lure.

I’ll mention what I mentioned there in the original discussion, in that I love the idea, but it would have WAY too high a payout. Keeping it just as you stated would have to cost about 5 or 10 maps.

I would also prefer something like this as an entirely new mini-game, rather than just a treasure hunt mirror; though, it would still require treasure maps and possibly with different treasure map usage amounts to influence reward.