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Need a suggestion until I pull Mab

Using a fully traited EK, Valk and Mercy with a Shadow Hunter as a stand in from an old build. What could replace the SH until I pull a Mab?

A second EK if you have one.

for me the build for this is:

+2 yellow

loops great, u devour the most annoying one and get a perfect attacker for all the skulls you make :smile:

edit: lol now i noticed you had an EK not IK there, my bad :sweat_smile:

then yeah the ek valk bat mercy @RiverSong suggested few lines below :slight_smile:

I was never a big fan of the Mab version of this team. Try using a Crimson Bat instead, works better. You don’t get the freeze proc, true, but dmg-wise it makes more sense.

If I put Bat in there would I put him in last spot?

EK, Valkyrie, Bat, Mercy. It’s a killer, especially if they’re all fully traited.

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Behemoth, if you want to directly replace an attack all emeies cast.

Bat. No question. In fact, Bat is arguably better than Mab anyway.

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