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Need a Place to Hang, grace us at the [Grace of Battle]!

I know a lot of you are looking for a guild. Let me put this in a list so you know what to expect and if you like what you see, you’re welcome to join!

My expectations:

I don’t demand that you donate a fortune or STEAMROLL everything. All I require is that up make contributions when possible (Gold or Blood is fine by me.). As long as you can contribute and keep a regular attendance, I have no issues.

What will get you promoted:

Going above and beyond will catch my notice and hustle long enough, you will be rewarded. DON’T BELIEVE ME, ask JokerGirl and Omegagoku (Omega is our HIGHEST GOLD CONTRIBUTOR with WELL OVER 1M GOLD TO THE CAUSE!!!).

What will get you the boot:

To be honest, attendance was an issue when I first built the guild and hasn’t been so much a problem lately (though one person has been MIA for a month, but I know what’s the deal there.). If you’re new (IE under 30 days or don’t contribute at all), I’ll “grace” you two weeks (IE 14 days) in MIA status before I let you go. There’s others who would love to join.

IF you’re a regular, I’ll allow a month. We have life to live so I won’t fault ya for going incognito for whatever you might need to do. As long as you log in everyday or let me know what’s the deal, you won’t have an issue with me.

Also, if you haven’t made a one time fee contribution (5K gold or got 10 Trophies in the name of Grace), you’ll be removed within the week (Which reminds me to start cleaning out the new members not making the one time fee.).

So, after hearing all that, you still want in, Hit me your username and you’ll receive an invite from me within 12 to 24 hours!!!

Hope to have you all join the Grace of Battle.

Sinister of the Dark.

Edit: If you have any questions or need help with team build and anything of the like, I can help and a few others as well.

Pi thon, lvl 48. Looking for a clan to hang with.

Give me about 2 Hours! I got you

@Assiduous, gave you the invite. You can join at your leisure!

My gf would like to check your guild out. Inv code-la reine wolf

I’ll invite them too, give me a sec

She’s in a guild already!

Yeah sorry she found another guild currently, will keep you in mind next time. :slight_smile:

No big deal

Hey could I join : Ceptimus

Sent you the invite!!!

Level 57 here. Got a new phone and started playing on it a few weeks ago; finally decided it’s time to get into a guild. Only have one kingdom to level 10, but all the rest are unlocked and 3 or higher. It’s my priority to get them leveled up now. I’ve also spent some cash on the game, a slightly (translation: very) embarrassing amount. One specific VIP level just called to me and I couldn’t resist. With all the keys and gold I got for that journey all my kingdoms are giving me extra gold as well.

Really liked your post, well written with plenty of information. I like to see that a guild is organized and has potential for longevity. I also like to know that my contributions will mean something and be valued. I feel like this would be the case here, though I may not bring 1 million to the cause right away, haha.

Looking forward to hearing back and hoping to join you in the Grace of Battle.


Rev Ricky D

I’ll add you in just a few minutes! I just got your Post!

Ricky, you have the invite!!!

Hello, Would love to be joining your guild am level 36, extremely active, started playing 2 days ago.
Looking for an active guild to start boosting it out ! :wink:

Code : SICI ( sici )

I’m add you I a few. Just got home