Need a Active Guild

Hello All.

Experienced XBOX player who has switched consoles is looking for a guild.

If you have a decent guild with spot open hit me up.

Can do limited gold as doing kingdoms but can do a minimum of 300 Trophies a week.

I participate in all events.

PSN TAG: Edd435x

Currently gone up 100 levels this weekend and rising.

Need a guild who has a sister guild / doesn’t take guild wars too seriously… And will rotate me for that week till I get more troops.

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Hello, nice to meet you… my name is Kevin aka Shepherd of the TROOPERS, I started in this guild & went on to play in THEE #1 Guild Nordic Vikings… retired & went back to my home guild where we are friendly and most importantly not hardcore on GWs… we all participate in the events but have FUN. Would love to have you come join… invite code needed to send invite to you…


Sorry I am a competitive player looking for guild preferably in top 20.

I put up lots of trophies to make up for the lack of gold, but I need cards and resources and the easiest way is find a active guild.

But thanks for offer.