Necromancer Traits

All Undead troops and classes have immunity to Death Mark except for Necromancer. The Deathknight class has Warded, so it’s immune to Death Mark but still vulnerable to poison and disease, but Necromancer doesn’t even have this, and neither of those classes have access to the Stone talent tree for Fortitude – which would make them immune to Stun, Poison, Disease, Death Mark, and Devour. Basically, Fortitude is a strictly better version of Undying.

  1. Undying should make a troop immune to Bleeding as well. This gives it at least ONE thing that it has that Fortitude doesn’t, and it makes sense that skeletons aren’t bleeding…
  2. Deathknight and Necromancer should both have the Undying trait.
  3. Get rid of Ensoul (the 1 extra Soul on 4/5 gem matches). It’s a really boring trait that is completely wasted on everyone who doesn’t need souls anymore, and for the people who do need souls, there are much more viable options to get extra souls. Besides, there is already the Soul Caller talent for 1 soul per turn (which is about equal if not better than 1 soul on 4/5 matches).
  4. Replace Warded with Undying on Deathknight and replace Magic Spirit with Undying on Necromancer. Then replace Ensoul with a better version of Magic Spirit, like “Gain 1 Magic for each Purple and Undead ally” or “All Purple allies gain 2 Magic.” Something that sets it apart from the normal Magic Spirit trait.

It has been raised several times that Necromancer class requires a remake of its traits. Hopefully this will address it. Until then, Death Knight is strictly a better Undead class.

Let’s see if they will do the right thing.

A Necromancer with Undying and Necromancy trait would be a good start… 3rd trait is debatable… Either strengthen Undead like the Gray King, or chances to summon a random Undead for flavour or Deathmark on 4 or more matches. The combination is endless for Necromantic class flavours.

Is that true? I don’t think it’s cut and dry, as Deathknight’s traits are really shoddy too (Magic Spirit is arguably better than both Warded and Death Curse on offense). It comes down to Guardian-Storm trees versus Shadow-Arcane, and that’s a tough call IMO. I would argue that Shadow-Arcane is more generally useful, with stealthy, mana source, and arcane surge all being extremely strong talents (Deathknight has to choose between its best talents, lightning strike and banishment).

I would also say that neither class is where you’d want it to be, compared to the later-released classes.

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