Necro Valkyrie :Imp:

Since the 1.08 update, I have been wanting to get back into soul farming. Mostly because of the massive souls required to get all troops to 20. However, since the soul reward in Arena was halved, I needed a new team to farm challenges.

The team:

  1. Hero(Arrow of Slaying)
  2. Druid
  3. Valkyrie
  4. Drake Rider

Pridelands banner for +2 red bonus.

With the Necromancer trait, Valkyrie gets 50% bonus souls for winning. Unfortunately, the bonus is applied before the soul cap of 40 souls per game. Necromancer does not boost your souls past the cap. What is does do is reduce the time it takes to reach the cap. It takes five casts of Valkyrie with Necromancer to reach the cap, instead of eight casts without the trait.

Because Valkyrie now reaches the cap faster, my old team could not damage the enemy team fast enough. My challenge of choice is Khaziel Mining with Dwarf Miners. On Warlord II, each miner has 6 armor and 18 life for a total of 24 defense. I chose to use Arrow of Slaying and Druid because when combined, they can do 16+9 damage to an enemy, or 25 total damage. This makes them efficient at killing Miners. As long as I can fill Druid once every two arrows, I can almost guarantee two Miners will fall. Furthermore, since the hero has 12 attack, he can two-hit the first miner with skulls.

Deep Borer can be pesky at times with armor gain; this is where Drake Rider steps in. Drake does 9 damage minimum, and converts yellows to red. Since Valkyrie takes ten mana to fill, and has a +2 red bonus, it takes two yellow matches to make up for one missing red match. It is much more convenient having twice the reds to use, than having yellows that take longer to fill.

Update: Druid’s first trait is water link, which matches Valkyrie perfectly, who also has water link. Not to mention his other two traits, which are phenomenal as well. It would probably be better to use 2x Druids instead of Arrow of Slaying. However, another thing Arrow of Slaying can do is two-hit the Deep Borer who has 15 armor and 17 life, or 32 defense.

Update 2: Druid’s second trait is blessed. With 2x Druids, there is a 50% chance of getting a magic bonus at the start of the match. If Valkyrie gets +1 magic, then it takes 4 casts to hit the cap instead of 5. I highly recommend dropping Arrow of Slaying for a Second Druid. This will be even more prominent as I unlock Druid’s last trait, fast.

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Thanks for the write up!

I have to say I was pretty frustrated and sad to find out that the necromancer skill didn’t increase the cap.

That would put it on par with VIP level 7. :grinning:

Overall, I am satisfied with it. I’ll take whatever bonus I can get when it comes to soul farming.

It is still pretty good in its own way. Instead of another .5x souls per match added to multiplier, the match takes a lot less time to finish.

How many Valhalla activations does it take to hit the cap with Necromancy? I’m guessing around 4 or 5?

I thought about tweaking the traditional farm team also now that I have an upgraded Valkyrie. Instead of the Torch I thought about equipping Winters Woe or Arrow of Slaying on the Hero with the Alchemist/Valkyrie/Banshee team. Will give it a whirl tonight…

With the Karakoth kingdom bonus, it takes 5 casts. Without the magic bonus, it takes 6. Assuming a level 15+ Valkyrie.

Well after my initial disappointment that Necromancy doesn’t increase the soul cap I decided to try and work it to my advantage. I figure if I’m going to use a farm team to get souls I might as well speed up the process and try to farm traitstones on challenges too! First of all I did a minor tweak to the traditional farm team and went with:

Hero with Arrow of Slaying (Winters Woe works well too)
Alchemist - Merchant
Valkyrie - Necromancy

Since necromancy speeds up soul gathering (5 Vahalla to hit cap) I replaced Torch with a blue damage weapon to clear out the enemy faster. Worked pretty good, faster than traditional but still a bit slow for my liking.
Since necromancy stacks I tried dual Valks…you hit the cap with 3 Vahallas but team effectiveness is really reduced. Well come to find out that I have Necromancy unlocked on Keeper of Souls (that’s a rant for another day :wink: so why don’t I replace Banshee with KoS?

Hero - Arrow of Slaying or Winters Woe
Alchemist - Merchant
Valkyrie - Necromancy
Keeper of Souls - Necromancy

Now this is getting to be a quick team! Three Vahallas to hit the soul cap and the addition of Soul Strike clears out the opposition faster than the Banshee Scream. At this point I can just concentrate on eliminating the enemy instead of counting the number of times I activate Vahalla. However it can be a little clunky because Banshee isn’t there to switch blues to red to feed Alchy and Valk. So I became to think…do I even need the Hero? What can I put in that can eat blue mana and help me out? So my tried something else out and my current version is now:

Green Slime
Alchemist - Merchant
Valkyrie - Necromancy
Keeper of Souls - Necromancy
Orc Banner (brown/red) but I’m still playing around with it a bit.

Now we’re cooking with gas! Alchemist feeds Valkyrie which feeds Slime which feeds KoS. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. This still takes three Vahallas to hit the cap with my current magic level but this deals damage so quickly once the transmuting gets underway I sometimes don’t get my three in before the enemy is blown out of the water. Honestly I cannot think of a faster team to generate souls per minute of playtime and you also hit the gold cap easily with Merchant and because battles are quick it’s also a good way to harvest traitstones. Challenges are a joke for the most part and this is also decent in PvP. It may not be top-tier but it still wins most battles. Well I hope you all enjoy this Sofa King Fast Farm Team :wink:

Green Slime
Alchemist - Merchant
Valkyrie - Necromancy
Keeper of Souls - Necromancy


Merchant and Necromancy. :open_mouth:

I would put Valkyrie in front of Alchemist unless you really want gold. Alchemist only feeds Valk with yellow, and cuts it off from red to do so. With a 3 cast Valk, I would say a second blue troop would serve better than Alchemist. Treant looks good for consistent attack gain, or Giant Spider for extra purple gen.

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Yeah I’ve been thinking about the Alchemist, he’s only there to give the Valkyrie a boost or two then he’s relegated to the sidelines. Only reason I had Valk in third slot is that in case a battle goes bad I didn’t want to lose her first, since Necromancy only works if the troop survives the battle. For all practical purposes though it shouldn’t matter for the vast majority of the battles so I’ll try putting Valkyrie in the second slot and try it out over the weekend. And subbing out Alchemist may work also since the main engine is Slime Valk KoS. Alchy is only there to give the motor a kickstart and Merchant is fairly useless, it’s there to make sure I hit the gold cap too. I’m not sure how much difference Merchant makes in getting extra gold in PvP, I’ll experiment with that too over the weekend.

I like this. Although I am lev1k you can never have enough souls especially after 1.08!

Purely soul farming I have found I can make 90 souls in an average of 2 mins in Khetar, Bone Army.
Mythic Serpent (23 attack)

Serpent poisons and puts red on the board. Valk charges up Behemoth. Serpent one shots the first 3 enemies so take skull match opportunities.

Celestial Armour and necro on Valk means you only have to activate her 3 times.

Sometimes it’s tricky to not kill off all of the enemy before Valks third activation!

I find this quite a relaxing way to produce some extra souls.

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Why Behemoth? If you want to charge up someone with blue to deal damage take a Druid?

Using Behemoth because he reorganises the board and enables gem matches/skulls in the process which is handy sometimes. I dont usually need him for attack purposes as serpent generally has seen off the enemy with skulls.

Aha, I see… then you could try War Sphinx? cheaper, shuffle the board and get a free turn?

If the truth be told…I just like blowing things up…booom !!!

on normal difficulty? I tthink higher difficulties raise the cap, unsure though.

id do skeleton, kos, slime, valk if i had kos.

Difficulty doesn’t increase the cap, it only adds to the multiplier after the match. Here is a post I made about it when 1.07 released:

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My soul farming team is :
Green Slime
Keeper Of Souls
Divinion Field banner (Yellow / Purple)

Worst case scenario is charging Valkyrie in 4 times 3 red gems matches, but you usually get it in 2 gem matches if you have a good mana surge chance and combine yellows.

You’ll prefer to use Valkyrie’s spell on either brown or yellow gems. This will should clear the board enough for you to have the board set for a good use of Templar’s spell, loading Green Slime (if he hadn’t been by Valkyrie with the 2 combined waters bonds of Templar & Valkyrie). Green Slime’s Nature bond also ensure that.

Now that the board is full of Green Gems, you’ll feel free to use Green Slime’s spell (even if you don’t have a combination of 4 or more green / purple gems lined up).

You can now kill one ennemy with Keeper Of Souls spell. Hopefully, in the process of clearing everything, you’ll have several 4 gems matches to recharge Valkyrie or kill an additionnal foe.

KoS & Valkyrie both have Necromancy so you’ll reach the cap in no time. You also kill your ennemies in a flash and moves on to the next game.

This is currently my main farming deck for traitstones AND souls, I also use it fighting players.
If you don’t have Keeper Of Souls, you can swap it for Bone Dragon. I didn’t try it, but I guess it doesn’t fit the combo as well as it won’t clear a color from the board but will instead replace random gems for skulls.

EDIT : Bone Dragon might be better on higher difficulties though, as ennemies will pack a lot of armor for you to create skulls.

EDIT2 : By the way, if I’m not mistaken, you get 1 magic upgrade when asceding from epic to legendary and another when ascending to mythic (I’ve noticed it when fighting other people troops and on my anointed one). So I guess you reach the soul cap per battle way faster past that point. I really wish they would removes that cap…


I keep seeing the Thread Title and thinking “Cool guild name”

It really reminds me of Diablo 2, using Harmony on a summon necro for valkyrie.

Do two “Necromancy” traits stack? I assumed not …