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Naked GOW hero?

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The surest way to prevent war is get naked


MzMalie is actually in my guild. I’ll be having words about her free spirited ways. This won’t happen again. I deeply apologies.

In all seriousness though this happens from time to time, sometimes the armour is there and the hero is invisible.


Eri loves old man for sure.

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More real? There’s a naked woman in front of you. That doesn’t seem real at all…

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This thread is fantastic. Love what you all have done to the place, keep it up.

That was brilliant :smiley:

Keep it up you say, Wolf? This should, as you say, keep IT up.

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52 gold and 8 souls? That’s enough to keep anyone down.

What i’m trying to say here is, I think we all miss necromancy on Valkyrie.


Please. the image.

Fantastic Thread!

@Robert Your video made me ROFL. Those guys had no idea how close they came to getting shot!

@HKdirewolf LOVED the obtuse and completely irrelevant reference to Valk…lol

Please keep up the insanity…

It makes me feel more sane! :wink:


At level 37 I didn’t even have Valkyrie, let alone mana shi, I mean necromancy.

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Truly, a GoW classic.

Here’s another one.

I don’t know why my Hero was showing when I wasn’t even using her.


Sometimes the invader fights someone who is in the shower.

As of the last patch, the Hero is always shown in the summary screen for both teams, regardless of who was on the field. (I sort of miss seeing my troops there, but I think this was done so your customization would be visible in a prominent location of the game.)

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Will this thread lead back to that other one?

We have 4 screenshots here, 4 of which happened with female characters.

Even the graphic bugs are sexist!

A naked hero is better than
no hero at all I guess lol.


I can see right through you…