Mythics/RNG drops

I am getting super annoyed at the rate of mythic drops. A friend of mine, who does NOT play GOW, told me a few weeks ago that I’m playing Destiny for example…. If they don’t play for a while or only play a little, they will often get more rare items. Basically, a “hey, reeling you back in marketing ploy.” It made me think. I thought they were crazy.
However, I’m in a guild where I swear! It has noticeably been the ones who rarely get on everyday or by far so the most that consistently pull these. And I know what trophies they have; therefore, they can’t have that many keys to open.
Anyone else? Maybe I’m just annoyed right now.

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I have often thought the exact same thing.

I would have a hard time thinking they would do this both because modifying their code to do so would be a high risk behaviour that could cause bugs with drop rates and it could get them in serious legal troubles. Also it would basically reward players to take more time off the game and then come back which doesn’t really seem to be their business model. Things like this are akin to rubbing horseshoes knocking on wood and finding 4 leaf clovers their might be anectdotal evidence they work but when taken as a larger trend the drop rates seem to be pretty close to the disclosed rates.

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Nope, Destiny 2 is rng & that’s a myth what your friend told you. I play every day & am 1373 power for the season. Some weeks I’ll get 10-15 world drop exotics but for the next 2-3weeks I’ll be lucky to see 1 world drop exotic. This happens all the time. Rng is Rng.

Another example I have 58 Full clears on Vault of Glass raid & have had the exclusive raid exotic drop for me 9x. A few of my clan mates have done 100+ with no luck & a few others have done only 2-5 clears with no luck.

Some players are just have more luck then others unfortunately.

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