Mythic Weapons Are Not Mythic

When categorized by rarity, mythic weapons are sorted with the legendary weapons in alphabetical order rather than as their own mythic section.

The Mythic weapons are also not very Mythic in effect… in fact some of them seem mostly pretty rubbish!


I did the 250 victories to obtain creeping death - which sounded quite fun. Played four matches during which I kept the death mark pretty active but not once did it cause a death.
Its in the bin now :smile:

Meanwhile, Burning Scythe is ridiculous …


Also (and it’s probably related), the frame around mythic weapons is orange when you browse it through the hero weapon tab (but it will take the same frame as the hero’s once in game).

Agreed on mythic weapon effects not being mythic at all ! Well, it’s good, but not worth the mana considering what legendaries offer for the same amount while being able to collect 2 different mana colors !

Yes, burning scythe is the best of the current bunch imo.

Burning Scythe is very good, the most annoying weapon that I have faced since the update is the one that gives barrier to all allies, I faced it earlier today but can’t think of it’s name.

Serve and Protect - Knight class weapon. I have not seen it yet…sounds daunting.

That’s it, best that I can remember it deals 10 damage and moves the hero to the top of the list, plus gives all allies barrier.